One-way Tower Control (4-1, Grim Range Blaster)

19th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I normally take the side route to flank the opposition with a bucket, but can it work with the Grim Range Blaster? Well, just about. It would work better if I could aim, although, to be fair, on review it seems the inkling squids in to the ink the very moment I shoot. Thankfully, coming from an unexpected angle is surprising enough to get me a second shot.

A couple of opportunistic shots where inklings generally are right about now gets me a second splat, and from there I start pushing the Tower, aware of the inkling below me. But I think I'm enough of a threat with my Blaster for her to rethink her approach. Now I just need to worry about inklings returning from their base. I get a bit lucky with the Luna Blaster, unlike my squidmate, and a different squidmate takes care of another inkling.

Now a charger is lining me up. I dodge one shot, somehow, and line up my Killer Wail to hopefully clear some kind of path, but the angle I'm on is not great, and the inkling from before reveals her new, more effective approach. It would have been more effective still if she hadn't jumped on to the Tower, where my Killer Wail was still in effect.

A squidmate super-jumps to the Tower as I depart, and I super-jump to them. I didn't really need to, as it turns out, but you never know, and at least I land my feet on the Tower as we trundle to the goal. Woomy!

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