Good ends to an average middle in Tower Control (11-5, Tri-slosher)

20th September 2017 – 7.00 am

A super-aggressive start from me, but one that is also somewhat measured. Finding an unexpected path often leads to splats, and being able to sidestep a Splash Wall certainly helps. I'm a little disappointed that I miss the fourth inkling, but it's all good. The yellow team is temporarily out of the way, and we start pushing the Tower forwards.

The yellow team return, and although I push up I clearly am not in the best position, as they squid past me and take control of the Tower. I keep moving and sloshing, making movement difficult for the yellow inklings, as I work my way back to the Tower. My squidmates have cleared it and are pushing it back as I get there, and we work together to keep it moving.

I spot an opportunity to get around the back again, but although I get around there, I'm not particularly effective. I backtrack again, pausing as I am distracted by a squidmate's Splat Bomb Rush, and nearly get caught in a Killer Wail. I don't think my Bubbler was necessary then, but it's better to be safe than sorry, and I make it back to claim the Tower again.

A nice bit of inking from the Berry Splattershot Pro gets me off the Tower quickly, and my unsplatted streak doesn't quite make two minutes. Still, that was quite an opening. My confidence becomes overconfidence, though, coupled with the other team starting to turn the turf yellow. It doesn't help that the Grim Range Blaster seems to disappear underneath me, as he's not even wearing ink-resistant shoes, but as he doesn't splat me it doesn't really matter.

The yellow team make some nice pushes, and although we just about keep them back, there is an awful lot of yellow ink all over the place. We can't have that and except to keep our lead. I hit the flank, risking missing the Tower, and just about cause enough disruption to help my squidmates reclaim the Tower. But the battle's getting close!

I head along the other flank, looking to get as high up the Underpass as I can whilst the Tower stays neutral, and get pretty far. I think I'm being followed at one point, but if I am the inkling gives up on me. That's good, as I move on as a super-jumping inkling lands, narrowly dodge their Suction Bomb, another inkling's Killer Wail, and have my Bubbler charged as my squidmate's approach with the Tower, extending our lead. Nice!

With thirty seconds to go, this battle looks wrapped up. I pop my Bubbler as the yellow inklings appear, and try to hop off the Tower to get some splats. I'm pushed back by ink, though, but I change tack and hop back on the Tower. I try to hop off and on to the ledge again, but it's perhaps lucky that I fall, right in to the path of the yellow inklings.

A couple of splats clears the way forwards, and I get back on to the Tower as my squidmates continue their superb support. The clock ticks down, and with less than a second to go, three of us celebrate getting the knockout victory. I particularly liked my squidmate firing her ink in to the air. Woomy!

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