Lots of splatting in Tower Control (15-6, Tri-slosher)

20th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I rush forwards, hoping to get up the wall and around the side, but the flow of yellow ink coming towards me as I approach the middle encourages me to hold back. Well, a little. I can use the wall to hide from the Squiffer, and although hiding becomes problematic when a Point Sensor hits me, this is why I have my Cold-blooded shirt. The Point Sensor drops soon enough, and now my problem is a lack of ink. That's solved by my Bubbler, though, and I finally get the splats rolling.

I think the Tower is following behind me, but it seems my squidmates have been knocked off. I make the most of my position to keep going forwards and circling back, getting in to a good position to flank the returning yellow inklings. But one sneaky inkling follows me, and dumps an excellently placed Splat Bomb right by my feet. Worse still, the Tower continues in the yellow direction.

I come back to reclaim the Tower, after my squidmates clear the yellow inklings off of it, and after we've lost the lead. We start another push, and when it looks like it's moving well enough, I head around the back again. I have a tendency not to go along the beaten track. Still, my squidmates retake the lead immediately, as I'm being ineffective at the edges. I catch the speedy Splattershot with a Disruptor, but their ugly shoes still let them squid behind me. So it goes.

I'm persisting with the back route, hoping I'll make something happen, and I think just getting through all that yellow ink is an achievement. Maybe not a worth achievement in Tower Control, but still. I find inklings to slosh when coming from behind, but don't react quickly enough to them popping out of the ink to get an easy splat. Instead, the Squiffer and I pop our Bubblers in turn to try to splat the other. Somehow, I come out on top, and the Tower is moving in the right direction again.

I resist the urge to go pointlessly around the back again, and move up to support the Tower directly. I don't think my Disruptors help, but I manage to survive the yellow onslaught, and, whilst under a Point Sensor, out-manoeuvre the Squiffer, and somehow manage not to get squished by the Roller, to clamber on to the Tower to keep the push going a little longer.

My squidmates super-jump back to me, and that frees me up to go skirmishing. I miss the inkling squidding past me as I hop off the Tower during the battle, but I see him now. Even so, I move up to get three splats, with help from my Bubbler, and when I'm looking for the fourth the Tower starts moving in the wrong direction, so I know where he is. Sadly, my quad-splat is thwarted by the purple bucket.

I get my revenge on the bucket quickly. I hear the Special being activated and see the Kraken on the Tower. I sensibly hold back, and push forwards when the Kraken should be disappearing. My timing works well, and I splat the Slosher when he's an inkling again. I don't last much longer, but the Tower is reset, which is good.

One minute to go, why not head around the back again? Because I don't achieve anything, I suppose. The Squiffer tries to find me, but sensibly moves on, and when I arguably also sensibly circle back to find him, I only find his shoes after a squidmate gets the splat. I take the hint and try to move the Tower, being on the right side of a Splash Wall to do so, but flounder against its sides, so just move up to support indirectly.

I take on the Slosher face-to-face, and get lucky with a mutual splat, given our range disparity, and return hoping to make a difference by helping end the period of extra time, but I just squid in to a Splat Bomb on the Tower. As always, my squidmates have my back, and stop the yellow push for the victory. Woomy!

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