Not much relaxing at the resort in Tower Control (14-5, Tri-slosher)

21st September 2017 – 7.00 am

That E-litre 3K makes me nervous, so naturally I speed around the edge of the resort to see if I can sneak up on him. Not really, but I find another squid to splat, and am happy that he runs away, as chasing him drops me down from the sights of, well, not the E-litre 3K, it seems. He turns up next to me to splat. There must be another charger I didn't notice, too transfixed by the E-litre 3K.

I go looking for the other charger, supporting the Tower in the process, but a splotch of blue ink hampers my jumping. I just about manage to stay out of the drink, thankfully. A bit of seemingly and actually aimless squidding around does nothing, but a squidmate's Killer Wail reveals a hidden stalker. Quick sloshing keeps me safe. I do well to stop the blue team pushing, mostly because of my Bubbler, and I'm happy the E-litre 3K is scoped, as that lets my Bubblered self squid right up to his tunnel vision.

I go back for the Tower, but am easily overpowered by two blue inklings, and they start pushing again, although my squidmates put a stop to that. I come back and hit whoever was on the Tower with a Disruptor, but they're too far for me to follow-up with a splat. I hit the flank instead, sloshing over one inkling, and finding the E-litre 3K again. He hides behind a block, apparently under the impression that his charger will beat my Tri-slosher in this situation. Or rightly thinking that his Killer Wail beats my slosher. In my defence, it is only my ink-resistant shoes that save me once again.

I move back to support the Tower, help start a push, but squid away to skirmish for splats because of my charged Bubbler. I get one, one inkling gets away, and I just about avoid the attention of the patient E-litre 3K. I then fail my jump check. I head around the side, as the Tower goes forwards, and find my trail almost untouched by blue ink. That speeds me along, and lets me slosh down on one inkling. I replace my splatted squidmates on the Tower, but stop it retreating only briefly.

I have a little dance with the Splattershot, probably only making the splat mutual thanks to a Disruptor, and start again with the Tower coming our way. My squidmates stop it, which is good, and I move up to try to push it the other way. I dunno what sort of jump that was. Unsuccessful, I suppose, so I retreat to regroup. The Tower moves forwards, but I look to the sides to provide forward support. That lets me splat the E-litre 3K nicely, and I turn back to do a victory jump over the gap that bamboozled me earlier. Nice!

I turn back to keep the Tower clear, which just about works, but again my jump on to the Tower doesn't work. That's okay, it's not going anyway, so I keep moving and bump in to the E-litre 3K again. He has enough charge to make this encounter a draw. The blue team gets on the Tower again, and I take the long way to hit them from a different angle. That seems wise when a blue Killer Wail is aimed along the direct route, but a squidmate's green Killer Wail neutralises the Tower, so I go back to skirmishing.

I head around the back as the Tower goes in the wrong direction, but I've committed myself. I'm looking for the E-litre 3K, who has been taking potshots at me. I don't find him, but I just about pop my Bubbler in time not to get hit in the back. Splatting that inkling lets me squid around, and my sloshing hits the E-litre 3K. It's a glancing blow, and despite the squiddy sigh to guide me, the E-litre 3K super-jumps out of harm's way.

It's all good. There's no time left, and my squidmates have neutralised the Tower and are moving to jump on to it to ensure a swift end to the battle. I try to join them, but don't quite reach it. I manage a little victory hop, though. Woomy!

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