Forging through the ink in Rainmaker (6-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

22nd September 2017 – 7.00 am

It's tough aiming straight, even with Seekers. At least I don't get in the way of our charger, and my Seeker almost reaches its limit before exploding, all of which lets us move up quickly. I hit the side, as I tend to do, and get a nice early splat, but moving around the corner to look for other inklings goes a bit wrong when I pick up the Rainmaker instead.

Despite being unexpected, I regain my composure quickly enough, and, after a brief pause for the green ink to subside, surge ahead, thanks in part to an earlier Seeker. I get quite far for an accidental carry, and I don't really mind that the Kraken surprises the crap out of me.

I take the slow route back, in case of super-jumping surprises and to prevent easy progress by the green team, and keeping an eye on the Rainmaker almost gets me caught out. I just about get away, and mostly waste a Seeker Rush, in case I am splatted and it lose it anyway, but it lets me move up safely.

We need to pause for a Killer Wail, but the Rainmaker doesn't move up in the relative safety of its noise, which makes it straightforward to get the splat when it does start moving. I try to be smart by sending a Seeker ahead of me, but that drains my tank to burst the Rainmaker's Shield. That doesn't matter when a blaster appears behind me. I don't know how his first shot misses, but he makes up for it by turning in to a Kraken.

A green inkling has planned ahead for the next push, hoping for their team to squid all the way in to the lead along a prepared path. That makes super-jumping back a bad idea, and instead I cover the green ink with purple. I think inking the top of the podium is being a bit paranoid, though. The plan almost works too. By the time I've moved up, the Rainmaker is almost on our doorstep. Thankfully, we stop it.

My Seeker Rush comes in handy to burst the Rainmaker free, and I'm grabbing it on purpose this time. I squid up, using my ink-resistant shoes, and getting some excellent support from our charger, and despite Suction Bombs, the Jet Squelcher, a Killer Wail, and the Range Blaster, I get much further than I should, increasing our lead. Nice!

Now I think I can super-jump back to the action. I almost land in a Rainmaker's blast, but just about dodge it. There's a bit of a stand-off, but rather than flick at too far a range I use Seekers to stop the Rainmaker. With pressure coming from the other side of the shield, I decide not to flick harder, but flick smarter.

I head up the other corridor and around the back, right behind two green inklings. I am very tempted to push for a double-squish, but that will get me in to trouble, so I flick them out of the way, and grab the freshly burst Rainmaker, sensibly making a little puddle for me to land in.

From there, the path towards the podium is pretty much inked, because of what I just did. One blast up the podium itself, and I squid up to get a well-earned dunk! Woomy!

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