Seeking the dunk in Rainmaker (12-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

22nd September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Yes! I'm not the only one who has to take time to aim a Seeker. I don't know whose makes it past the block, but one is all that was needed. I head right around the back, just about catching one inkling by surprise, and roll up on the other three. I want to squish them, but I should have flicked. Let this be a lesson to me.

I go back the same way, and get a rotten splat on the Dual Squelcher, having to turn back immediately as the rest of the blue team run with the Rainmaker. I catch them up on a flank, but my flick isn't strong enough to stop the Rainmaker. I try to keep up, but the ink is blue and I am green. My squidmate's take control of the Rainmaker, as I deal with some peripheral inklings.

My squidmates make a good push with the Rainmaker, although they're stopped short of taking the lead. I catch up to join in with getting splatted. I come back taking care to track the Rainmaker, getting a splat on the way that just about charges my Seeker Rush. Just in time! I use the Seeker Rush to burst the Rainmaker Shield, get an incidental splat, and ink a path ahead. I grab the Rainmaker and squid along the path, just about nabbing the lead before a blue inkling catches up from behind. Nice!

The Rainmaker comes back our way. With all the corridors, you need to be careful not to lose track, which I have done many times in the past. I get myself in a good position and launch a Seeker that the Rainmaker dodges, but my squidmates stop the Rainmaker, and I get a splat anyway. I move up to ink a potential path, and circle back to provide support, but get flanked and splatted away.

A Seeker Rush looks intimidating from the other side, more so with a Rainmaker to stop in the middle of it, but the narrow corridors help a little in defence here. We burst it free again and I make another push, partly shielded by a Killer Wail, but there is too much blue ink and too many blue inklings for the push to come to much.

I selflessly let a squidmate grab the Rainmaker, hoping that my Seekers will come in handy as support, but not much happens from that. And when the Rainmaker is freed by the blue team again, I finally lose track of it properly. I won't find it when distracted by a super-jumper, but I get the splat and stop support flying in, as my squidmates retrieve the Rainmaker.

Again, I let someone else grab the Rainmaker, and move up with it, along a really nicely prepared path. I have a Seeker Rush ready too, so use that to try to keep the turf green, and although a blue Seeker comes my way I deftly jump it and keep launching my own.

I splat an inkling out of the way at the base of the podium, flick ink on to the ramp and the podium itself, and get out of the way for our excellent squidmate to dunk for the knockout victory! What a great battle. Woomy!

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