Fighting against a sea of unsporting green ink in Rainmaker (17-9, Carbon Roller Deco)

23rd September 2017 – 7.00 am

Look at all those Seekers! It's beautiful. There's a Suction Bomb too, not one of ours, and I just about get out of its way before it explodes, unlike a couple of green inklings and the Rainmaker's Shield. But my stay is temporary, and I turn back only to be hit by a Seeker, which is perhaps only fitting. Super-jumping back is exhilarating, mostly because I jump right through a Killer Wail. I land in it too.

As I get back to the middle, it looks like the Rainmaker is being carried along the rail in front of me. It isn't, but it confuses me all the same. At least it stops me pushing forwards, which may stop my getting splatted, if only for a little bit longer. As a Seeker Rush comes towards our base, it seems a good idea to hit our flank, particularly as the Rainmaker is coming that way. I should pay more attention, though. The Rainmaker is about to self-destruct as I jump recklessly forwards, right in to its blast. That could have been avoided.

I help tidy up some of the green mess on our concourse, being somewhat cautious lest an inkling be hiding. But no one seems to be there, as I move up and behind the green team. I miss the Rainmaker a couple of times, but finally hit, and dropping down saves me from being splatted, spinning to get the splat instead. I make a mistake in not pressing to burst the Rainmaker's Shield, though. I don't think I can do it myself, but by the time I realise I can help a squidmate, the green team have more ink flowing. I move in only to get splatted.

A last-ditch defence is required, and we provide it. It rather puts us in a bind, though, as we have to pretty much dunk the Rainmaker to get the victory. But a good battle will be enough for me. Seeing the Splatling sitting on our fence doesn't help me picture that good battle, to be honest. He's in a good position, and it's a bit awkward for me to think about getting him down, given the disparity in ranges of our two weapons. Thankfully, a bit of pressure from a squidmate forces the Splatling backwards, and I take it from there.

We start to move the Rainmaker forwards, but naturally it is slow going, with the green team having so much turf. Splatting them away and getting a Seeker Rush charged goes some way to giving us some turf back, but we still have a lot more to do. I ignore the direct route to the Rainmaker as too obvious, and hit the side. This helps a little, and provides some extra support at an opportune moment. But just as it looks like the way ahead is clear, some green ink comes from the side itself to force a pause.

The battle to burst the Rainmaker Shield is going green's way, and I don't trust my Carbon Roller to turn the tide, deciding instead to back off and maybe snatch the Rainmaker when it is free. Not only does that not quite work, which isn't unexpected, but my flick sadly splats the inkling not carrying the Rainmaker, and the one who is carrying it then unsportingly squids away to hide in a position difficult for our team to get to.

I suppose it's a valid strategy to withhold the Rainmaker when you have the lead, but it certainly isn't sporting. Rather than a fair fight and a good battle, I'm left with a slightly sour taste in my mouth.

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