Hitting the flank in Rainmaker (13-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

23rd September 2017 – 7.00 pm

The battle to burst the Rainmaker's Shield is tight, the decisive moment being the Splash-o-matic's Suction Bomb Rush charging, which poses problems for us by itself. I push up when it looks safe, hoping to catch up with the Rainmaker scooting off down the side. But it's not quite safe yet. I ink a path to the second sluice gate, which may look pointless, but it offers a bit more protection than heading through the first, protection I use against the progressing Carbon Roller.

The Rainmaker is stopped and liberated by us, and I push forwards hoping to be followed. I'm a little dismayed that we lose the Rainmaker so quickly, but our squidmate plopped in to the drink to reset the Rainmaker, rather than the green team blindsiding us. Still, that may actually give the green team a minor advantage, and we could have done better carrying it. It's done now.

Mind you, following the flank back to the Rainmaker has the green team not quite expecting me. I splat one before being noticed, at which point the situation gets a bit hairy. Ink is coming from in front of me, above me, and the Rainmaker's Shield is looking like it will burst with green ink too. With the help of a Seeker Rush, an Inkstrike, and not a small amount of luck, I not only survive, but get a small streak of splats before rudely stopped by the Carbon Roller.

My squidmates make a good show of moving the Rainmaker. I come back and try to ink the main concourse towards the green base, and as I am being not that disruptive at all, a second carry gets us the lead. Nice! I move up to try to be useful, and am handily splatted by an inkling in wait. I only have myself to blame. I super-jump back, and get close to the Rainmaker. Embarrassingly close, considering how little I achieve. Never mind.

Being surrounded by Suction Bombs and seeing the Splash-o-matic's kit only makes me hope that ability stacking is much more harshly penalised when we move to the new arenas. I have trouble reconciling that style. Anyway, I move up and am cautious as the Rainmaker approaches, but less cautious when an Inkzooka is pulled out. That's a bit peculiar of me. Still, a Seeker splats the Inkzooka, even if the Rainmaker keeps going.

The nice bit of synchronised squidding takes the sting out of being splatted, as does a squidmate stopping the Rainmaker. I move back to help support the next push. I'm not sure if my squidmate is actually looking to move the Rainmaker or not, but I'm assuming he is, and move down the main concourse to ink the way and splat the green inklings as they approach. I do quite well, albeit a little erratically. I'm just that little bit less erratic than they are.

The Rainmaker is being moved, slowly but surely, and along the side route. When the time is right, I head up one of the gates to provide more support, and it's good that I do, as I find a couple of inklings waiting to ambush the Rainmaker. Not any more! A flick here and there helps splat them away and ink the podium, and, with the way forwards clear, the Rainmaker is dunked for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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