Having a splatty Rainmaker battle (18-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

24th September 2017 – 7.00 am

Trying to get behind the blue inklings is probably doomed from the moment the Luna Blaster saw my Seeker trail. Doesn't stop me trying, but I'm not always the smartest. Coming back with a bit more caution just makes me look confused. I miss one inkling passing me, and I dunno where the Splatling goes, but at least a Roller runs in to me to hand me a splat.

The single splat doesn't really help when the blue team are carrying the Rainmaker over two-thirds of the distance to the podium. Being Echolocated doesn't seem like it would work in my favour either, but it seems many inklings don't pay too much attention to the Echolocater. My Seeker Rush hopefully helps make up for being in the wrong place, and I even save a squidmate from the lurking Splatling.

Our first carry of the Rainmaker doesn't get far, and pushing up to clear the path ahead doesn't work swimmingly, but at least we're making some progress. But not for long. The green team move the Rainmaker back towards us, and it's only some quick flicking that keeps me unsplatted and halts the Rainmaker. A Seeker Rush comes in handy to help our next push too.

The ink helps me move up, and I spy an squid in the ink. It takes me two flicks to splat them, but it's a splat! And our Rainmaker carrier is doing well in the other corridor. The Splatling looks to block his way, so I jink to the other side, but our squidmate is a boss, and moves up to take the lead. Nice! I push up to hopefully help go for the dunk, but running in to a flicking Hero Roller Replica turns out to be harmful to my health.

We have a great lead now! Hopefully we can keep it. I move up quickly and splat the Rainmaker, thanks to my Ninja Squid T-shirt, and almost catch the Luna Blaster too. I sensibly back off, and also sensibly use my Seeker Rush to equally apply inky pressure and exert some force on the Rainmaker's Shield. That helps clear the way a little, and ink the turf, but the Luna Blaster holds back, just enough to splat me when the ink clears, damn him.

The blue Roller has been around inking paths, which could pose problems. I try to splat her, but my flick isn't powerful enough as she rolls away. Never mind, I catch the Rainmaker instead, which is probably more important, before rolling around the back to catch an Inkzooka-in-progress. That was very satisfying. I move up to aim for the Roller, and accidentally pick up the Rainmaker. Oops.

The Killer Wail nearly catches me, but I move up mostly unperturbed. My lack of perturbation shows when a squidmate saves me from the Luna Blaster, and I lazily roll around behind two inklings to splat them with all the casualness of a Carbon Roller. I even remember to watch my back. Of course, being a Ninja Squid isn't as effective when Echolocated, but I have a charged Seeker Rush to counter that. Getting two splats is better than expected. Getting the third would have been better, but I just get caught by the Hero Roller instead of the other way around.

My defence of the blue Rainmaker push isn't great, but my squidmates have it covered. I help a little with a Seeker too. It's a good win for us, and a surprising number of splats for me. Woomy!

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