Taking it most of the way in Rainmaker (1-1, Carbon Roller Deco)

24th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Now that I can squid under the closing gate reliably, I am determined to make this side route work for the Carbon Roller Deco. The Seeker this time takes a really nice line, letting me recoup ink and splatting the wall to squid up. I hit my head, which isn't great, but I feel better about it when I hear the squidmate behind me do it twice.

Getting to the side quickly, and without opposition coming my way, and with the charger looking straight ahead, lets me get a couple of good flicks to splat the charger. I'd better flick some ink at the Rainmaker's Shield too, or I could be splatted quickly. But no more green ink comes, and the Shield bursts blue.

My Seeker Rush is ready, and I'm in the best place to start it. I turn and launch Seekers all the way to the green base, expecting a squidmate to grab the Rainmaker and follow, but the one by my side stays at my side. Fair enough. I turn back and grab the Rainmaker myself, squidding down the path I've made.

My blast at the wall is a little weak, requiring a second go. That's a shame, as that slight pause could have been all the time the Aerospray needed to deny me the dunking. But I got close! And, crucially, the Aerospray moves on, covering my tracks, instead of freeing the Rainmaker and resetting it.

I try to work my way back to the action, hampered by green ink and distracted by a retreating charger, but a squidmate has got to the Rainmaker and finished the job. Woomy!

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