Squidshield for the Rainmaker (5-2, Tri-slosher)

26th September 2017 – 7.00 am

Sometimes alternative routes can work out really well. I jink left as I drop down Moray Towers, hoping that the Splatterscope misses this movement, and I can surprise her from a different angle. It almost works, but I don't anticipate the Luna Blaster in my way. Perhaps I should have slowed down.

I take another different route to the bottom, happy to see my squidmates working on the Rainmaker's Shield. That gets me one flanking splat, and lets me see where a second inkling tries to keep safe. I move up and splat them, vision somewhat hampered by the expanding Rainmaker's Shield.

The Shield bursts, and I move around the side. The Splatterscope is ready for me, but I am ready for opposition, thanks to a charged Bubbler. I am an embarrassment to buckets everywhere for letting the super-jumper get away, but by diving over the ledge they move away from the Rainmaker, which is just as good.

I don't chase a non-threat, and turn to aid our Rainmaker carrier, getting one inkling out of the way and inking the podium. It costs me a splat, but I think that's okay, particularly as a second inkling is quickly splatted and the Rainmaker squids on to the podium for a quick win. Woomy!

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