Almost there in Tower Control (16-7, Grim Range Blaster)

27th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't rush for the Tower, to be a little more sensible than usual, but still rush to the heart of the dome. A Burst Bomb and indirect hit don't do much together, maybe hitting different inklings, but somehow I remain unmolested for long enough to get two indirect hits on an inkling on the perch. Another indirect hit lets me know an inkling is around the corner, but just as I sensibly stay back, he sensibly also moves on.

It seems we win the initial tussle, and start pushing the Tower. I move around to support, and get another splat on the obvious perch, before looking to use my Killer Wail along the channel to the blue base. An indirect hit encourages me to keep shooting, so I do, but the Splat Bomb rolled to my feet stops me doing much else. That's okay, the Tower is still going forwards.

I super-jump back and look to provide support when I can. I stop our flank being pressured and, with my Killer Wail charged, move back to the channel to, well, wonder what to do with my Killer Wail. Thankfully, I have time to decide, and just get it going after the one my squidmate set. Maybe it helped! I get the Tower moving forwards again, and Splash Walls and inky support keeps it going. If only my aim with Burst Bombs or the Grim Range Blaster were better, maybe I could have hit the goal.

The Tower doesn't get too far backwards when I catch up to it, and a bit of determination, and a large chunk of luck, helps me stick around a bit longer. Keeping the Tower near the goal is always good for helping the victory. The blue team start to push it back, though, and my dodgy aim doesn't stop them. So it goes. They even get a score on the board, which is good, but we catch them in a pincer and stop the progress quite soon. I hop on the Tower to push it forwards again, leaping off as I spot an opportunity that pays off nicely.

There's a decent tussle for the Tower as we push it forwards again, but we keep it moving little by little, and I wait for a good time to use my Killer Wail. It probably comes, but I seem to prefer trying my luck with lobbing Burst Bombs at my feet. It works quite well, but my luck runs out soon enough.

A good indication of my lack of aim comes when the Luna Blaster is in front of my nose, and I somehow hit the inkling ten feet behind him. A splat is a splat, I suppose, a squidmate splats the Luna Blaster anway, and we're moving the Tower again. It's nice that we're all keen to push for the knockout victory, and just as keen to hop off to provide forward support. But it does kinda stop the Tower when we all do that. Still, sequential Killer Wails shouldn't be sniffed at.

I just about push the Tower one step closer to the goal, but by trying to splat one inkling I am looking in the wrong direction to stop my getting splatted. But with thirty seconds to go, we've probably got this battle wrapped up. Indeed, a squidmate pushes the Tower closer to the goal, and, hiding to get ink for Burst Bombs, I sneak just one step away from the goal.

We couldn't get any closer to the goal, but props to the blue team for keeping us off it.

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