Some direct hits in Tower Control (14-8, Grim Range Blaster)

27th September 2017 – 7.00 am

Whee, I remember Burst Bombs at the start of the battle, when I'm under no pressure. Rushing to the Tower still probably isn't a great idea, though, putting myself at the centre of attention. I have to hop off pretty quickly, to avoid a Splat Bomb, and get a couple of nice but lucky direct hits as a result. And at least I don't get sucked in to battling the Splattershot for no reason. Instead, I get out-manoeuvred by the Splat Roller.

Maybe I can hit the flank to good effect too. I head around the side, not too concerned about our puny lead being threatened, and have my Killer Wail charge at a good time. Two splats from that is pretty decent, given the time between them. After the Tower resets, a squidmate makes a new push, and gives us a much better lead. I don't even mind too much that the Splat Bomb's burst radius seems suspiciously big.

I choose another different route, because that's what I do, and it almost pays off well. The perch on top of the ramp is an obvious place to find waiting or moving inklings, and although I find them my aim lets me down a little in splatting them both. It also puts in to perspective my first two splats in the battle. Yeah, they were pretty lucky.

Only a Killer Wail at point-blank range clears the Tower of my squidmates. I super-jump moments after that, which could be bad timing, but a landing Burst Bomb is never a bad idea, and at least helps me squid away. Another direct hit keeps the Tower neutral a bit longer, before a squidmate and I unintentionally launch a double-barrelled Killer Wail. It proves quite effective.

Our lead continues to increase, little by little, but the purple team continue to repel us. A decisive moment comes when the Luna Blaster gets around to our flank, the little blighter. I return along a route I inked earlier, and get in to prime position to help clear the Tower. Perhaps dropping through the grate wasn't the best move, but I make an excellent leap on to the rising Tower to push it forwards again. Another good direct hit lets me keep moving, then I miss a couple of shots to get splatted away.

The purple team still doesn't make much headway, and I hop on the Tower again, aiming my Blaster towards the obvious purple routes, getting me a splat and some space, and my Killer Wail pushes the inklings away from the higher ground. As it looks like I have a good chance of hitting the goal, I aim at a purple inkling squidding over the ramp, but they fluster me by moving slightly to the side!

My next attempt to clear the Tower is thwarted, but the purple team don't seem too eager to push the Tower themselves. We battle over turf for a bit, before the purple team take control of the Tower. I don't quite manage to get the inklings off it, despite remembering my Burst Bombs, but my Killer Wail does the job, at least for a bit.

With seconds to go, I get caught up with the Luna Blaster, who naturally splats me, but it takes one purple inkling away from the Tower, which my squidmates clear to ensure us the victory. Woomy!

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