Bucketing around the Splat Zones (11-3, Tri-slosher)

28th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

My desire to get behind the teal team has my zooming up and across the Splat Zones, and down the other side of the building to catch anyone squidding up. No one here, but an inkling is coming my way. I've kinda cornered myself too, but a Disruptor hits and helps a little. I still am perhaps a little aggressive in moving up, but at least I make the splat mutual.

It seems that a teal inkling's quest to behind our team went better than mine. I don't quite manage to close the gap to catch him mid-Inkstrike, and the range of the Splattershot Pro keeps my Tri-slosher away well enough for him to evade me further. It takes my attention away from the Splat Zones too, but losing the lead a minute in to the battle is hardly onerous, and we stop the teal timer pretty quickly anyway.

With my Bubbler charged, I head across the gap to, well, directly face an Inkzooka. It's good that my Bubbler use was primed, and it's even better that a squidmate has a Killer Wail lined up. That was a good exchange in our favour. I push across and start trying to hold more turf, and although I miss dropping down on to an Inkstrike-in-progress, it's probably for the best, keeping me on higher turf.

I squid this way and that, and get back on the ledge to drop down a bit too far behind a teal inkling, but right next to a super-jumping ring. I am a bit lucky in not getting splatted by the landing brush, and also a bit lucky that my Bubbler charges as I look for the Splattershot Pro. I am, however, quite sensible in stopping my pursuit as my Bubbler runs out.

My return to the top catches a Suction Bomb Rush mid-Rush, which is handy, and I reset to squid near the short-cut to the top just in time to see an inkling appear. I rather make a mess of the splat, but I fluster the teal inkling enough to get it anyway. Heading towards the Inkzooka is instinctive now, but I am a bit less prepared for three inklings to be swarming our Splat Zone, and get easily flanked by the Brush.

An Inkzooka greets me as I get to the top of the building, but I had the good sense to take the indirect route there, which gives me wiggle room. It also gives me cover, and time for the Inkzooka to run out and my Bubbler to charge. Two inklings are splatted quickly, and pressing on neutralises one Splat Zone and gets another splat. The fourth inkling is caught in crossfire.

Another Killer Wail gives us cover to capture the other Splat Zone and start our counter again, but squidding back gets me caught by the Octobrush. My squidmates remain in control, though. Heading back to the battle gets almost enough ink on top of an inkling sneaking behind our Splat Zone, and although pushing forwards has my running out of ink, that forces me to squid in the ink, which itself moves me in to an advantageous position.

From atop the block, I slosh over a landing super-jump, and the puddle from that splat helps me manoeuvre around the incoming ink, force the inkling to evade to lower turf, which just lets me slosh more effectively. I tidy up a bit, then sit by the short-cut up the wall. A nicely thrown Splat Bomb convinces the Brush that the landing is safe, but I prove otherwise.

The Splat Zones remain a solid orange as our counter ticks down to zero, giving us the knockout victory. Woomy!

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