Dodging ink in Splat Zones (6-2, Kelp Splat Charger)

28th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I do my bit as a charger at the start of a Flounder Heights battle and ink the short-cut up the building. A Sprinkler thrown across the gap probably won't last long, but it will impede purple progress slightly. I look for possible wall climbers from the side, but the Tri-slosher comes directly across the roof, and when my first shot misses I need to bail out of there.

Going back up sees the Tri-slosher slink on to the ledge, but my Sprinkler throw goes awry. Thankfully, a squidmate splats the bucket, and lets us swap control of the Splat Zones again. Moving across to lay down some ink has inklings ahead of me. I miss the first shot, but get a twofer with the second, which suits me just fine, as again I retreat from purple ink. It probably doesn't give me the best angle for my Killer Wail, though.

I toss another Sprinkler across the gap, and am nicely surprised that it gets a splat as I turn my back. I think a squidmate enjoyed it too. A purple inkling sneaks around the side, and I can't quite deal with her, on two attempts, and get splatted mid-air as I try to get away. Now, not only do the purple team have control of the Splat Zones, but they are aggressively pushing for control of the turf entering the Splat Zones. I don't think I'm equipped to deal with this directly.

I am cautious in my lack of approach, but it charges my Killer Wail, which should at least keep the purple inklings out of a specific zone. That encourages me to move up, and my squidmates have done an excellent job of manoeuvring to re-take control of the Splat Zones as well. I try to hold some turf, but being in the middle of the action probably doesn't suit me with a Splat Charger. I have to abandon a super-jumping squidmate, and simply plant a Sprinkler before retreating once more.

My return helps recapture our Splat Zone, and I'm in a much better position for a Killer Wail. No splats from that one, but it keeps the inklings out of the Splat Zones. Still, they can shoot from the sides, and pop up from the walls once the Wail is gone, and my aiming doesn't really keep them away. Not to start with, at least, but when backed in to a corner, I can hit a jumping brush at ten paces. I still need to plant more Sprinklers to cover another retreat.

My Sprinklers force the purple team to divide their attention occasionally, and although I don't really keep enough ink flowing to make much of a difference, it does at least give my squidmates time to return to the fray. When I get splatted away, my squidmates recapture the Splat Zones, helping solidify our lead, and I tidy up some purple mess on my return.

Just as time runs out, I get a decent splat to keep an inkling out of our Splat Zones, and a good short-range splat of desperation on the brush popping up behind two of us. And, with the Splat Zones turning yellow at the start of extra time, the battle is won. Woomy!

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