E-litres and Inkzookas in Splat Zones (12-6, Tri-slosher)

29th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I spy that E-litre 3K, and go looking for him, as I tend to do. Not even an inkling in my way will stop me, a nice Disruptor throw and couple of sloshes getting him out of my way. The E-litre 3K is not on the normal perch on the grating or container, though, but moving along that route finds him squidding on top of the boxes. That's quite high for my bucket, but one slosh forces him off, and another splats him.

The Carbon Roller is close, but my Bubbler is charged and ready, and her rolling around the containers doesn't confuse me. I cut the corner and get a third splat, helping us taking control of the Splat Zones and taking the lead. I push forwards aggressively again, just about staying out of the line of fire to head around the back again, where the E-litre 3K has cautiously stayed a bit further back. I think I come as a bit of a surprise a second time.

My Bubbler keeps me safe a little longer, but I manage to squid right in to an Inkzooka blast as I patrol our area. The side route looks safest with so much green ahead, but being Echolocated doesn't help when I'm trying to be sneaky. The E-litre 3K gets a bead on me, so I stay out of sight until the Echolocator dissipates, and luckily have a Bubbler ready when I push in to the sea of green. That splat and a bunch more sloshing helps recapture the Splat Zones.

I do some tidying up, turning back when the Splat Zones are neutralised. But my squidmates are on top of the situation, keeping the ink flowing and the green team pushed back. I help where I can, which includes distracting the Splattershot by giving him enough charge to launch an Inkstrike. My next outing is short but sweet, arriving at the edge of another Inkstrike as two green inklings super-jump ink. I don't survive the encounter, but neither do both of them, and their puddles of purple ink keep the Splat Zones out of green control.

Getting Echolocated keeps me cautious again, and when it drops and I push forwards, I look to see what I can do about the Inkzooka I can here. Run headlong in to it, apparently. I can do better. Hitting the side sees the Carbon Roller roll under me, but I don't see her squid away. That makes me cautious, and although I probably waste time, I don't end up splatted either. And by the time I reach the side of the Splat Zones, my Bubbler is charged, just right for trying to slosh the Splatterscope with pressure coming from elsewhere.

I don't manage to splat the Splatterscope, but that's okay, as I get two other inklings instead, and a squidmate's Inkstrike comes in to secure the Splat Zones for us. I splat the Splattershot Pro away, and loiter with intent on the boxes. I see an opportunity coming my way, and balls it up. Never mind, my squidmates get two splats.

With the seconds ticking away, we have enough time to secure the knockout victory, if we can just keep the Splat Zones purple. In trying to achieve that, I run in to the E-litre 3K and his Burst Bombs. But that's okay, we still win the battle. Woomy!

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