Taking back the Splat Zones (9-4, Tri-slosher)

29th September 2017 – 7.00 am

The Splat Zones can take care of themselves for a bit. I'm going around the back. And I'm taking the long route this time, which pays off, as I'm not spotted by the Roller taking the opposing route, and get my first splat before continuing along. Pausing for a second at the junction lets me gauge where inklings might be, and I take the low route to find one immediately. This is a nice start.

I hear an Inkzooka and rush to meet it, but the inkling is on ground too high for my bucket. I try to slosh through a grate, for whatever effect that may have, and turn back when I have nothing else to do, right in to a Suction Bomb. So it goes. I come back down the side corridor, and have an inkling right in my sights. I lose her immediately, and wrongly guess her direction of squidding, thus turning the tables on myself.

The Splat Zones turn blue, my chosen route back is blocked by a Killer Wail, but I press on regardless, through the blue ink, through the Roller, and helpfully covered by a green Inkzooka to get behind the blue team again. That lets me destroy a Beakon and splat an inkling immediately, before turning my attention to the Splat Zones. I do okay, thanks to my Bubbler, but I believe too much in the Bubbler and the depths of my ink tank.

Well, our early lead has been demolished, and it doesn't even seem like I can safely get back to the Splat Zones before the blue team win. But my squimdates neutralise the Splat Zones just as I drop down behind the Dual Squelcher, relieving some pressure, and with the Roller rolling away, we manage to turn the Splat Zones green. There is still hope. I track the Echolocated Roller, and look for the splat. I have to skirt a Killer Wail to do it, but I get it.

I pop my Bubbler as a Suction Bomb gets thrown my way, which is really lucky, as I hadn't seen the one stuck to the wall. My Bubbler saves my skin. I squid away from the blue ink for the moment, and find some more, looking to drop down from above. I push the inkling back, but don't hang around to get splatted. Instead, I move to the other end of the grate, where the inkling has kindly moved herself to, allowing me to finish the splat.

I move up and around, and splat a Disrupted Dynamo Roller, but I'm a bit vulnerable. If the Dual Squelcher hadn't got me, the Suction Bomb I was standing next to would have. But that's okay, a squidmate avenges me immediately, and before I've even returned to the fray we've retaken the lead! Nice!

I don't even need to get back to the Splat Zones. I think about doing a little dance, but decide just to slosh a bit. Woomy!

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