Making Splat Zones look easy (6-0, Tri-slosher)

30th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm going for that E-litre 3K. Walleye Warehouse gives me a decent opportunity to do it too, and I dart around the edge and up and behind the green team. I surprise the E-litre 3K nicely, although maybe disappoint my squidmate who aims the Killer Wail well. I drop down to get a second splat, and start turning the Splat Zones purple, which is arguably more the aim of the battle than splatting the E-litre 3Ks.

Everything turns purple, I keep myself safe, and head around the edge to look for more opportunity. I exact vengeance for a squidmate, before retreating again. More opportunity awaits as an inkling jumps on to the container, but I pop my Bubbler as the green ink rains down on me. A trip around the side reminds me that the Warehouse doesn't have the extra block for Splat Zones, so I just recharge my Bubbler a little.

I return with excellent timing, and catch a Roller squidding past me. It was a bit foolish of him, to be honest, given the sea of purple ink he was wading in to, but I understand the pressure that sight can imbue too. I have to evade a Sloshing Machine making a nice mess to our side, and get a decent Disruptor throw his way to help prevent his reaching the Splat Zones.

A little more not entirely necessary maintenance, and I think I can allow myself a little victory dance. I don't often play this well.

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