Purple in the Splat Zones (6-1, Tri-slosher)

30th September 2017 – 7.00 am

I can see green ink coming to the wall of our Splat Zone, but the best I can do is stall the inkling trying to squid up it. I get a splat turning back to where the rest of the action is, just about surviving myself, and squid up quickly to defy the Splat Charger and incidentally capture the Splat Zones.

With everything under control, I move in to position to watch the short-cut up the wall. Yep, here comes an inkling. If you haven't seen it from the top, you probably don't realise quite how obvious it is to catch an inkling coming up that way. Pretty easy, and so care should be taken. The charger nearly catches me, but the laser sight gives her away.

The Splat Charger is splatted by a squidmate, but my movement helps me splat a different inkling coming over the wall. An Instrike forces me away from the Splat Zones for a moment, and coming back encourages me to pop my Bubbler at last, helping me stay unsplatted for even longer.

We seem to be rather ruthless in pushing for turf as a team. But we also have different limits, it seems, which perhaps causes our undoing when we become separated, allowing the green inklings to take us two-on-one. But a squidmate who hung back lets loose with a Suction Bomb Rush to help push the green team away from the Splat Zones, and an Inkstrike is quickly covered over.

I super-jump back with seemingly little to do, but one Splat Zone is turned green immediately. I leap in to action by falling off the roof, which almost works in my favour to hide me from the Splat Charger. With her out of the way, the Splat Zone is turned purple again, and that's pretty much it for the battle. Short and sweet. Woomy!

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