Two-shot tigerears in Splat Zones (8-4, Hero Charger Replica)

1st October 2017 – 7.00 am

I've found a really nice perch to ink our Splat Zone on Moray Towers, and have a good route to get there quickly. My Hero Charger Replica has just about enough range to keep the pesky yellow inklings out of the Splat Zone too, but only if they think they have to get in the Splat Zone. They could stand back and shoot in, but don't tell them that please.

I pretty much battle in maintenance mode to start with, overseeing our Splat Zone and trying to keep myself safe. With my somewhat dodgy aim, that second task is a bit more tricky than the first, but at least I've chose Splat Bombs to give myself a more reliable option.

I pretty much trust my squidmates to take care of the yellow Splat Zone, but with nothing happening at ours I move across to see if I can help. A little, probably. And although I miss the Roller on my first shot, despite him being mostly stationary, I get him on my second shot, as he looks down aggressively on me holding a Killer Wail. That was close.

I take two shots to splat the Splatterscope too. To be fair, I'm really happy I splatted her on the second shot, even though I got splatted myself. A quick butchers at our Splat Zone on my return shows little change, so I move back across to the yellow Splat Zone. With the Splatterscope at the top of the wall overlooking the Splat Zone, my best option seems to be to get close and use a Splat Bomb.

Now our Splat Zone needs some attention, which I take care of with a few shots, before I need to protect myself. Aiming down the ramp when on the flat part doesn't work well. A Splat Bomb gives me some breathing room, but the Inkzooka is a bit threatening. Again, it takes me two shots to get the splat, which gets me splatted too. But I get the splat.

I help with some turf control next, including inkling over the yellow path up the wall. That's always best not to overlook, lest you get surprised by a squid appearing from nowhere. But our Splat Zone is under some pressure from the Splatterscope, who I can't get close to here, and I move up. The Splatterscope moves forwards too, to send a Rush of Splat Bombs our way. This time, both my two shots miss, but a squidmate gets the splat, and I get two shots at a different inkling, which I make.

I take care of the Splat Zone for a bit, before getting worried by a Roller. I think he's gone, but he hasn't, but my confident movement coincidentally gets me out of flicked trouble at just the right moment. My two-shot skill lets me down for a bit, maybe being just out of range of the Splatterscope, and although miss the Aerospray on the ledge, my ink slows him down enough for our Slosher to get the splat. Nice!

I miss one shot on an approaching inkling and go for the second, when the Splatterscope shows me how effective one-shot splatting is. I should practice that. And so I do, aiming at the obvious hiding spot and getting a clean splat in one shot. I won't profess to being an expert in the charger just yet. My Splat Bomb rolling was always pretty good, though.

The clock ticks down, and I am near my perch to ensure that our Splat Zone is blue enough that we don't enter extra time. A good battle, and victory to us. Woomy!

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