Sloshing all over the Splat Zones (10-4, Tri-slosher)

2nd October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Nice and safe start, sloshing on to our Splat Zone. I jump down to take care of a yellow Sprinkler, but a squidmate does it on my way down, so I press forwards. I nearly fall off the block, just about sticking to the ink, and complete the fall when I try not to be caught out by the Echolocator.

I head down the side next, and get lucky catching an Inkstriker that I can't see, and a second inkling dropping down just in front of her. Their absence frees up the yellow Splat Zone, but inefficiency in inking it causes me to run in to a Splash-o-matic. I take the same route back, using the inked wall to be a bit sneakier, but even an Echolocator can't make an N-ZAP approachable for my bucket.

Still no score. I am in two minds as I return, my indecision useful when an Echolocator hits. My Cold-blooded shirt drops that soon enough, but as I am about to roam an Inkstrike hits. I deal with that quickly first. I sneak around the side, spotting an inkling to splat on my way, and get above the yellow Splat Zone. It seems my inklings are pressing high too, and we capture the Splat Zone to start our counter. Nice!

I move up as a squidmate feels some inky pressure, hoping that my appearance will be a surprise, and that my Bubbler keeps me safe, but the yellow inklings adapt pretty quickly. With so much yellow ink on our ramps, I take the highest route to our Splat Zone, to cover up the mess a bit and practice some caution, before going across to the other side again.

I plan to go on to the ledge, but I see a squidmate already there, so I squid directly up the wall. The Splat Bomb isn't a threat, but is a good indicator of activity, and my sloshing finds the culprit, and gives me a route to the Splat Zone. With that captured, I squid my way up the wall and start claiming more turf. I go higher than I ought, and ignore the Splat Zones a bit too much, but I deal with them on my return. The yellow one is purple, and I turn ours purple too, before dealing effectively with an interloper.

I head back across to the other side, where some decent squidding and a squirt of luck gets me some splats, and maybe helps a little in inking the Splat Zones. My little streak continues until the end of the battle, where we remain in control of the Splat Zones, and win without yellow scoring a point. Woomy!

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