Trading ink in Splat Zones (9-4, Tri-slosher)

2nd October 2017 – 7.00 am

My plan to sit above the Splat Zones and slosh from high is thrown out of the window when I see a teal inkling looking to disrupt our Splat Zone. Not on my watch! Nor a squidmate's, who gets the splatting blow. From there, I follow an orange path around the side, narrowly passing a teal inkling, and make a beeline for the spot above the teal Splat Zone. I help capture the Splat Zone, but at just the same time as the teal team capture ours. This aggression will not stand.

I decide to hold my position, more or less, and keep the teal Splat Zone orange instead of running backwards and forwards and potentially losing both Splat Zones. A squidmate has the same idea and helps, but once I'm splatted I may as well swing past our Splat Zone to see what can be done. I re-capture our Splat Zone as the teal team re-capture theirs, as I predicted. The dual Inkstrikes is a nice touch, though.

The Towers look somewhat more teal than orange at the moment, which probably needs some attention. The smoother they can move around, the less able we are to stop them. We lose control of our Splat Zone for just long enough to give the teal team a tiny lead, and I push across to aggressively move to get above the teal Splat Zone, using all my resources to crush any inklings in my way. It goes well enough to immediately snatch the lead from the team teal.

That Slosher is definitely a nuisance, using his bucket effectively from above us. I look to move up to splat him away, at least for a few seconds, but a squidmate must have done that, because I meet him on his way down, after catching another inkling. I make his return short, anyway. His next outing is not much longer, thanks to my Bubbler, but it runs out as I approach the N-ZAP, the Tri-slosher's natural predator.

We hold control of the Splat Zones for a decent amount of time, gaining a healthy lead, and swinging past our Splat Zone has my stopping an inkling trying to get the drop on us. Trying to get across the other side almost has my falling foul to the Slosher, but I sensibly change tack, although my lack of aim when finally encountering him means we trade ink. So it goes.

As the battle winds down, our control over the Splat Zones has me confident of our victory. I move down to help ensure we don't go in to extra time. After out-manoeuvring one inkling, I jump down to our Splat Zone just as an Inkstrike flies in. I clench and jump backwards, with nowhere really to go, and somehow come out unsplatted and on firm turf. That's another reason to celebrate. Woomy!

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