Up and down the Towers in Splat Zones (15-4, Tri-slosher)

3rd October 2017 – 7.00 am

I make my standard start to a sloshing Moray Towers Splat Zones. My squidmates look to be pushing forwards aggressively too, which seems like a jolly good idea. I get lucky when I see a squid flop on to a block and apparently not move, flushing him out with two sloshes. I don't get quite as much luck when the Splattershot comes for me, but so it goes.

I head down the side and across to the purple Splat Zone, taking the inked route up the wall, but just as a squidmate comes down. Oh, I see why, and head back down rather than do something silly. I take the long way up instead, finding the Bamboozler, but sloshing badly enough that I pop my Bubbler to be safe.

Back at the top, I nearly splat someone below me, but I think they turn in to a Kraken. I back off as the Kraken squids up the wall, and think I have the edge when they don't quite make it, but a .96 Gal Deco from behind reminds me that this is a team battle. I head back down, change directions, and instead manage to cover a squidmate from the side, which is good.

Up and down, inking the Splat Zone, splatting inklings, until I pick a fight with a Kraken. I think I win that, although my celebrations are somewhat cut short. Still, it looks like we're about to win the battle, scoring over ninety unanswered points. But we can't rest on our laurels, and although I try to keep things green, having to splat an inkling out of the way gives just enough time for the purple team to capture both Splat Zones and give us quite a buffer to work through.

Maybe no knockout victory for us, but as long as we don't get silly the victory should still be ours. I try not to squid headlong in to the Bamboozler, but he does me a favour by launching an Inkstrike, and taking his time over it. My Bubbler charges just in time too, and I help turn the purple Splat Zone green, seconds before my squidmates do the same to our Splat Zone. Nice!

I aim to be disruptive for a bit, inking nice swathes of green ink up the ramps, and circle back down to get a splat on one unsuspecting inkling, followed by two incidental splats on what must have been already quite inky inklings. I take another trip around the purple side of the Towers, and rather unsportingly wait in the ink for an inkling to appear. I try not to do that too much.

I drop down to find a squidmate battling a Kraken, and give him a hand, before heading back up and launching myself at potential targets in a pretty audacious manner. It was never going to end well. An Inkstrike means our Splat Zone needs some care, which I'm happy to provide as I'm over here, and I have to hold on as another flies in.

Pausing on the outskirts of the second Inkstrike spies a splatting opportunity, which I'm only too pleased to take, before tidying up our Splat Zone again. And, with that, the battle ends. It's a decent victory for us. Woomy!

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