Squidding in to Inkstrikes in Splat Zones (17-5, Tri-slosher)

5th October 2017 – 7.00 am

An E-litre 3K on the other team just gives me ideas of flanking. I don't need any more encouragement than that to make a beeline for her, and I head around the side, taking the quickest route, which would be quicker if an inkling didn't get in my way. A Disruptor keeps me alive, and although I don't get a splat I'm back on my way. I don't look around, just assuming the E-litre 3K is safely on a perch, and when I get in to position the Beakons give her position away. They may even give her time to get away, but it seems my appearance is quite unexpected.

Mission accomplished, for now, I drop down to help ink the Splat Zones, and use my charged Bubbler just in time to stop being sloshed myself. I make a mess of splatting the Dual Squelcher, but I splat her, and head back to help start our counter. Purple ink drops down a little, so I move on instead of loitering, and head around the back a second time, catching the Dual Squelchers return, but just about missing the E-litre 3K, as other inky pressure forces a Kraken transformation.

A super-jumper looks like an easy splat, which I make more difficult, but it gives me the position to destroy a decoy Beakon, and nearly catch the E-litre 3K in the wild. My eagerness proves my downfall, though, as I skirt too close to an Inkstrike. I come back and run headlong in to the Dual Squelcher, but considering its range, I consider the mutual splat to be not completely terrible. It doesn't help turn the Splat Zones green, though.

My squidmates do a good job of inking the Splat Zones, which is good, and I provide what ink I can from the sidelines. I move up when my Cold-blooded shirt drops the Echolocator early, maybe giving me an advantage, but my sloshed ink gets to my targets a split-second later than my squidmates' ink. It all ends in splatted purple inklings, so it's all good. What's not quite as good is squidding in to another Inkstrike. My squidmates cover up my purple puddle nice and efficiently, at least.

I super-jump back, hoping to make a difference quickly, and head around the back. Being Echolocated won't help my being sneaky, but neither does no one being there. I stick around, hoping to bump in to someone, and that's probably the best description for my shoddy splatting of the E-litre 3K. There's another inkling nearby, but I'm not trusting my Bubbler to last, so turn around. Besides, the Splat Zones are a bit too purple.

I help ink the Splat Zones, catch one inkling with my sloshing, avoid a nearby Inkstrike, just about splat the Dual Squelcher without being splatted back, and get lucky against the Slosher, before deciding that the direct route will get me splatted. I head around the side again, and use my weapons to good advantage, before the purple ink catches up with me. It would have been a good time to pop my charged Bubbler, but I wasn't quite quick enough.

I head down the corridor to return, trying not to slosh too much so as not to give my position away, and get back in to the action quickly. But as I move towards the E-litre 3K, I can almost sense a Kraken transformation, so I am ready to run away. Thankfully, I have an escape route, something the E-litre 3K perhaps should have thought about just before she transformed back to an inkling. But I bet she wouldn't squid straight towards the Dual Squelcher.

With thirty seconds to go, our lead looks threatened. Rather than panic and end up as a purple puddle, I stick to my strategy. My squidmates do a great job of neutralising the Splat Zones just in time, so I hope I can contribute when I get in to position. I narrowly miss getting sloshed, thanks to a bit of luck with a ramp, and move around to line up the E-litre 3K on the container.

Got her! And with the long-range threat gone, and a handful of seconds remaining, I concentrate on inking the Splat Zones, which does just the job. The battle ends without extra time, with our team winning by just one point. Woomy!

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