Dodging the Wails and Splatting the Rainmaker (8-6, Hero Charger Replica)

6th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Jumping in to grab the newly burst Rainmaker looks like a bad idea pretty quickly, but thankfully I jump to the side just in time to dodge the Killer Wail. It doesn't really put me in a good position, though, not with a charger, but I don't know why my well-thrown Splat Bomb doesn't do more to the E-litre 3K.

I see the Octoshot heading along our flank and move that way to see what I can do, but jink back to the centre as the teal teams picks up the Rainmaker. I find the Octoshot anyway, but all that does is get me splatted by his Inkzooka, and maybe a little unfairly, but so it goes. He also has really obnoxious equipment.

My return finally sees me contributing, splatting the Rainmaker squarely. His standing still helped, but it was clean shot all the same. I do some tidying, remember the Rainmaker is there, then pull my shot as it gets advanced a little. I then realise that splatting the support would help us, and that I maybe haven't been seen. Seems that way, as I splat the E-litre 3K easily enough, and a squidmate splats the Dual Squelcher. Hopefully we can move the Rainmaker ourselves now.

Three Bomb Rushes, two Splat and one Burst, help ink a path ahead, and our carrier heads around the side. An inkling pass me by, but I can't do much as a charger except hope to clear up afterwards. We lose the Rainmaker, and I squid up the wall, where the situation looks calm. But looks can be deceiving. I lob a Splat Bomb or two at the shield, hoping for a reaction, and move forward when none comes. I then make a mistake by squeezing past the Rainmaker to close with the Dual Squelcher, when I should have stayed where I was or moved back.

The Rainmaker doesn't seem in a hurry to come back our way, so I hit the corridor, where I am perhaps predictably greeted at the end. My Splat Bomb Rush sadly isn't as effective as a single Suction Bomb, which is irritating, but I also really need to respect my range more. I was hoping to appear on the ledge unexpectedly, though. But as that won't happen, I am better off choosing other routes.

My Splat Bomb and shooting doesn't catch the Octoshot, which is disappointing, but he's splatted soon afterwards anyway. And we have the Bombs to burst the Rainmaker free, and my squidmates make another push as I am splatted away. My super-jumping target disappears, and once I realise I start squidding back the slow way, but we have the lead!

I am nearly caught by another Killer Wail, and jump to the left again, when jumping to the right would have been much safer. I get out of the way, though, but a squidmate super-jumping to me obstructs my view of the Rainmaker for a clean shot. I squid along with the Rainmaker, relying on Splat Bombs at such close range, and make a bit of a mess of things, but stop the Rainmaker just before they retake the lead. That was close!

I come back from being splatted by an Inkzooka by throwing a lucky Splat Bomb to catch the Rainmaker and one other inkling, which helps let my squidmates on the ground retake control for a bit. Getting the Rainmaker back to the centre is good, although the teal team grab it to push the battle in to extra time.

I try to add Splat Bombs to stop the Rainmaker, and get a really nice partial-charge hit on the E-litre 3K to splat him, and get one more splat with a Splat Bomb Rush, but not the Rainmaker. I see the Rainmaker to the side, and am not quite convinced that all my shots missed, but its position works for us still.

Eventually, the Rainmaker is neatly splatted, without having got back to the centre of the Mall, and a close victory is ours. Woomy!

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