Almost ignoring the Tower in Tower Control (13-5, Tri-slosher)

7th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

An E-litre 3K on the other team is a good target for me, but also a risk. A fun risk, unlike the Rapid Blaster, which generally are bad for me and my bucket. My first route is going for the E-litre 3K, which should let me ignore the Rapid Blaster initially, but getting around the back doesn't see the charger on the normal perch. I see a Beakon, though, and, for some reason, a Roller rolling towards me. I splat one, uncover the E-litre 3K, and force a retreat.

I move on, destroying the Beakon, which should thwart the E-litre 3K briefly, before squidding around looking for trouble. I find some, Bubbler protecting me, and thankfully my Cold-blooded shirt drops the Haunt soon enough. When not being tracked, I gain some height, aiming for the perch again, but pause to splat the Hero Roller Replica, which I only manage because he stops to plant a Killer Wail.

I keep going around, looking for the E-litre 3K, and find him, but only after passing another inkling. I decide to keep going forwards, but my sloshing doesn't quite reach far enough to get the splat before the other inkling can react and splat me. That's okay, it happens, and it gives me a chance to destroy a Beakon annoyingly close to our base. I swear most inklings never look at the map.

Moving to destroy another Beakon finds the E-litre 3K, who super-jumps away again, but I think I know where he's going. I move to intercept, and use just enough cover to avoid getting splatted. I ink some turf and move up to see the E-litre 3K is coming back. I think I hide well enough, but I am forced to move by a Roller coming my way. I still somehow get two splats out of the situation, one being a rather panicked E-litre 3K, before the Rapid Blaster gets me.

I go hunting the E-litre 3K again, and get really close to splatting him. But that comes at a cost, as his team takes the lead whilst I'm in some pointless, imaginary feud for kicks and giggles. I try to make up for this by squidding straight for the Tower, splatting an advance inkling, and the E-litre 3K super-jumping on to the Tower, before pushing the Tower towards the centre. But the damage is done.

I start reclaiming turf to make our travel smoother, and getting some height sees the Roller as a target. I slosh over the ramp and get a splat, but it's not the Roller. That was the E-litre 3K. Nice! The Roller is splatted moments later. Another inkling engages, then disengages as my Bubbler pops, and I keep her occupied for a little bit, but sadly not whilst the Tower is moving.

The Tower does move, but not for long. I head across to do, well, something, but I'm caught in three minds, between flanking, engaging, and hopping on the Tower. In the end, floundering in the middle of the map is the wrong choice. Heading back to base lets me destroy another Beakon, freshly planted, and the E-litre 3K that planted it. That was sweet. I move around to destroy another, and am looking for the E-litre 3K when I am caught by the Hero Roller Replica. I probably deserve that squidbagging too.

The squidbagging is repaid immediately, as I catch the Roller on top of the central column, and follow through with the E-litre 3K, far too close to the action, and slosh ahead of the Tower being pushed by a squidmate. I hop on for the ride, thankful for my squidmate's Inkzooka, and shout out a 'Nice!' as the battle ends, popping my Bubbler just so that it doesn't go to waste.

But the battle doesn't end. I forgot that we lost the lead. I thought we were just riding the Tower for funsies, but it is our last-ditch attempt at winning the battle. Good thing I popped my Bubbler, as we cruise in to an extra-time victory. I really should pay more attention. Woomy!

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