Clearing the way for the Rainmaker (9-1, Tri-slosher)

8th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I like this side route on Camp Triggerfish Rainmaker. If you can just squeeze under the gate, you can move around the side quicker than inklings expect, which lets you appear on their flank as rather a surprise. Add a bit of caution, and you can control the centre of the Camp fairly well.

I move up, and back a bit, to splat the Roller, then look to get some height for my ink to slosh down. How the inkling misses seeing me up there I don't know, but he gets away from me even when cornered. Nice work, Aerospray inkling!

I give up the chase to concentrate on forward support, turning back at the right time to catch another inkling looking in the wrong direction, and squid up to ink the podium just as we lose the Rainmaker. I try to keep the teal team back, but don't come out well in a two-on-one situation.

I try to make sure it's safe to super-jump back, and it looks like it is, but circumstances change quickly. Thankfully, the Rainmaker Shield provides some cover, even if it nearly pushes me in the water as a result. It looks like we'll recover the Rainmaker, but instead of clumping together with my squidmates, I head in a different direction.

Going across the bridge lets me flank the teal team expecting everyone to be in front of them. It proves to be quite effective, clearing the way for my squidmates, who are actually all splatted. Never mind, I can go back for the Rainmaker!

I am surprised by a super-jumping squidmate, who I first take to be a teal inkling, but she's keen to grab the Rainmaker and my pause to slosh her puts me back in to the supporting role. That works for both of us, as my Bubbler protects me from the Roller and a Suction Bomb, and keeps the path purple for the Rainmaker.

A short run across the rope bridge, and the way to the podium is clear for a final squidding. That was short and sweet. Woomy!

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