Solo splats in Squad Rainmaker (14-6, Tri-slosher)

8th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Going full-speed in Squad Battles only gets me splatted really easily, really often, so I try to practice some caution to start this battle. Maybe I should apply that elsewhere, but I think I'm happy to stay at the low A ranks and be reckless and dumb. I also kinda ignore the Rainmaker. That only gets me splatted too often. Instead, I am aiming to skirmish and cause disruption, hoping to promote my team as a result.

An early splat from a good Disruptor throw is good, and it gets me behind the purple team, although that's mostly because they're running the other way with the Rainmaker. That's not terrible, though, as it lets me cover their tracks and come at them from an unexpected angle. Of course, it's my squidmates that really stop the push, I just tidy up.

I circle back to look for more splats, but get splatted by a Bamboozler with kit that I find immensely irritating. It makes no sense for the weapon or in general, is probably edited, and just indicates the kind of player that I don't get on with. But that's my problem with the higher ranks, and I just have to live with it.

I take a direct route back, but consciously head a different direction to the action, hoping to flank again. It doesn't work, but hanging back lets me disrupt any hope for the purple team to make a coordinated push, and my squidmates recover the Rainmaker and head this way again. I circle back and up, which gets me in to a good position to ink some turf and splat the purple team in sequence, thwarted only by an Echolocator.

I come back to try to catch the Rainmaker at the side, across the bridge, but as he is splatted by a squidmate, I alter my plans and keep going to the other side. I try to keep sloshing to a minimum, to hide my presence, but when I catch up with the inklings I am caught between the two in front of me and the one to the side. My indecision, as always, gets me splatted.

I return opposite to the action again, but this time my route is too slow to be effective, as my squidmates are out of action, and the purple team extend their lead, but only by a little. When they're stopped, I turn around and skirmish again. I'm quite glad to be spotted and have a Splat Bomb lobbed my way this time, as my evasive jump drops me in range of the Bamboozler for an easy splat, although my movements were obviously tracked, and I don't get any further.

My squidmates make a great push with the Rainmaker as I pause to recuperate, almost gaining us the lead. Circling around doesn't do much but let the purple team clear the Rainmaker, but I try it a second time anyway. Strangely enough, much the same thing happens, but with my getting surrounded and splatted this time.

There's a little flurry of activity in extra time, where I provide perhaps my most direct support to the Rainmaker, but we don't get far before the battle ends. Not a victory for us, but playing the battle in my style, rather than sticking around to get continually splatted by players much more skilled than me, helps keep my sanity.

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