Rushing to the podium in Rainmaker (3-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

The inkling coming over the bridge causes me pause, and dropping back helps splat the inkling that came over the ramp. I resume my squidding over the perch, but no one's there, probably because there's no charger on the blue team.

I turn to see what the Rainmaker's doing, and as I get on to the column a squidmate grabs it and squids forwards. I move up to support, getting stopped pretty early, but some concentrated ink and a Bubbler helps us push through the blue defences.

As we approach the podium, I jink to the side, rather than clumping with the rest of my squidmates. That helps not get splatted by ink raining down from the base, and surprises one inkling dropping down from above. The other inkling thankfully ignores me, after I confuse him for a yellow squidmate.

Everything comes together at once. I move behind some cover and activate my Seeker Rush, which easily overwhelms the blue ink to burst the Rainmaker's Shield and splat the last blue inkling nearby. And with the Rainmaker practically perched on the podium, I get one of my simplest dunks so far. Woomy!

On review, Jade and her Roller can be seen standing stationary on the blue base, which probably accounts for our easy passage. But the blue team also had what looks suspiciously like a smurf, so I'm fine with getting this simple victory.

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