The strange case of the extra-large Kraken in Rainmaker (12-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

9th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Not my best Seeker to start with, but it'll do. My channel around the Rainmaker is blocked by a Roller, so I pause to flick at the shield before not fooling the Roller at all to try sneaking around the side. At least I don't get splatted. The other side is covered already, so I just help bursting the Rainmaker free instead.

I jink to the side to provide secondary support, which comes in useful when the Rainmaker is inevitably lost, and the tight channels help restrict the blue team's fire whilst being in the open section lets me hide to the side. A Seeker here and there helps with ink and splats, but they can only satisfy me for so long. Pushing up to flick at inklings is rather more aggressive and risky, but jolly good fun, right to the end.

I come back to ink a fatter path for more reliable squidding, and sit back to provide more Seeker support. I don't hit the Rainmaker, but still hit someone, which is always fun, and activate my Seeker Rush when I spy a ripple in the ink ahead of me. But the ripple becomes a Kraken, and although I look to escape, apparently I wasn't where I thought I was.

The blue team get a wiggle on, and as they come close to taking the lead, I ignore the inkling who will obviously splat me if I poke my beak out, and squid around to move the Rainmaker in the right direction. It goes pretty well, thanks to the blue team not tidying up their turf, and I don't even mind that I get ambushed. The Rainmaker is on the other side of the map.

My timing is impeccable on my return, intercepting the Rainmaker perfectly. I decide to push my luck and keep going forwards, and nearly splat the Jet Squelcher, but lose her in the ink. At least I get away, and circle back to support my squidmates with the Rainmaker. I spy the Jet Squelcher ahead and launch a Seeker, which I somehow catch up to on a curve. Those are neat little weapons, even if I don't understand what goes on in their heads.

The Rainmaker is still going! I should do something. That Seeker launched in to the container next to me should help. But in case it doesn't, I move up and start a Seeker Rush, maybe at just the wrong moment. At least the Rainmaker's Shield doesn't splat me, despite all the blue ink exploding around me, but the Kraken with the big beak makes a second appearance.

Another nice bit of timing on my return, helped by my Ninja Squid t-shirt, and from there Seekers are the best weapon, with the Rainmaker trying to progress down the narrow corridors. Seekers get a couple of splats, but no Rainmaker, and the Rush runs out just when a blue inkling gets close, by Ninja Squidding helps again, and I put the finishing ink on the Rainmaker.

Rather than head back in to a splatting zone, I squid haphazardly around the edge in safety, to drop down on top of the Rainmaker. My flicking goes a bit awry, but the Rainmaker really has nowhere to go, so I get the splat eventually. It's got to be a little embarrassing for the Jet Squelcher that I nearly splat her with my Carbon Roller whilst Echolocated, but I don't think my random squidding around is much to be proud of either.

I eventually decide to grab the Rainmaker, to keep hold of it as the battle draws to a close. Some blasting here and there should keep me safe. Except against the curiously large Kraken! Still, I kept the Rainmaker out of blue tentacles, and my squidmates burst the shield and grab it themselves to deny blue any extra-time push, and ensure us the victory. Woomy!

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