Too many chargers in Tower Control (8-6, Kelp Splat Charger)

10th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Phew, three chargers on our team, plus a Roller. Not a great composition. But look at the other team too, three E-litre 3Ks and a Hydra Splatling! This will be unpredictable. I can at least say with confidence that normal Tower Control tactics won't be applicable, so I'm just going to wing this battle.

Naturally, there is something of a stalemate to start with, as the E-litre 3Ks of the blue team sweep their sights around looking for targets, and it's up to our brave Roller to hop on to the Tower to give us an early lead. She's splatted off pretty quickly, which is more a reflection of the support she's relying on than anything.

My Killer Wail has charged, and pointing it towards two of the chargers should at least force them to duck and cover, so I hop on to the Tower and plant a Sprinkler, hoping that takes some ink before I do. It kinda works too, but I am forced off soon enough too, and being Echolocated only encourages me to squid away.

I circle around and hop back on to the Tower, dropping the decoy Sprinkler, which reveals one inkling's position. I get a good splat from that, but poke my beak up for the nearby Hydra Splatling to ink. Our flying Roller comes out badly too. I ink a new path on my way back, just trying different things. Tidying up charges my Killer Wail, which happily splats two inklings, but not the one I was hoping to keep clear from me. But I get away, turn around, and get a nice splat as a different E-litre 3K looks down her sights on the Tower.

I keep on the flank, moving up in height a little, and splat the unsuspecting Hyrda Splatling, get distracted engaging an E-litre 3K at close range, and turn back to splat another inkling looking forwards, before the Burst Bomb close range support that I'm lacking helps splat me efficiently. I come back a little bewildered, trying to approach the Tower as charge sights sweep around. I think I'm doing well, and have a super-jumper target, but am actually flanked by another charger. It's weirdly hilarious.

I return as the blue team push in to the lead, causing me to jink to intercept. I take care with my aim, although with only the Tower to aim at, and get a nice splat, but the Tower keeps moving, and I find myself under pressure. My squidmates help out with my pressure, and clear the Tower, so I squid forwards to see if we can steal the lead back quickly. With a Killer Wail, decoy Sprinklers, and hiding in ink, the Tower trundles in to the lead. A Sprinkler even splats an inkling to keep the Tower moving further. Nice!

I keep the Tower moving, probably more by luck than judgment, plus good support from my team, but eventually I am splatted off. But we have a really good lead now, that hopefully we can defend with my squidmates' good aiming skills. Not mine, obviously, although the Tower jinking on its way back, just as I have the Hydra Splatling in my sights (probably) doesn't help me.

The blue team keeps pushing the Tower, and it looks threatening. I head down to help, but hearing a Bubbler being popped and shared has me, well, not quite hiding in the ink. No wonder I'm splatted quickly. But have a Roller for defence really helps, as well as the usual fun E-litre 3K melee battles. Our side wins, and the Tower is pushed back.

Time is running out, and the blue team makes one last lunge for the Tower. I hit the flank, because I often think it helps, and just about get the splat on an incoming super-jumper. Hopefully that takes a little pressure off the rest of my team, who successfully recover the Tower to give us the victory. That was a fun and wacky battle!

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