Keeping my head in Splat Zones (10-6, Tri-slosher)

12th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Everyone's rushing forwards to start the battle. I like this! We zip through our Splat Zone and head down the side, where two blue inklings are coming. I go in beak first, and end up splatted, but I take one inkling with me. The second is splatted by a squidmate, and they get to move around the back of the blue team. Nice! I come back to ink our flank, and find out which blue inkling is probably waiting for me. It looks like the Jet Squelcher, and quite how my bucket gets the upper hand is a surprise, but it it gives us control of one Splat Zone.

As our Roller has inked a path, I feel confident in squidding down it without feeling too vulnerable. Nothing seems to be happening, though, so I think about going behind their wall, when ink rains from above and I'm splatted back to base. So it goes. I super-jump back to briefly yellow Splat Zones, the other turning blue thanks to the Jet Squelcher that can easily reach across the gap. We play with each other for a bit, my Disruptors being ineffective thanks to poor throws, before the Jet Squelcher, who has the advantage in actually being able to hit me, wins.

Super-jumping back is almost a mistake, almost compounded by nearly jumping in to the water, but I recover, making it across the bridge, and get in to a good position. Well, good-ish. I get in-between three or four inklings, where I manage just one splat before I am splatted myself. I think maybe I should have got the Splattershot too, but it wouldn't have mattered, not with a Kraken right behind me too.

The Splat Zones are blue, the blue team are encroaching on our turf, and I super-jump to the wrong inkling. It's all going swimmingly! Trying to approach the Jet Squelcher head-on is a mistake, obviously, but I was too far forwards to get away cleanly, and my splatting was inevitable. But we need to do something about her. Ignoring her is an option for now, as we have squidmates on the other side of the gap, and I super-jump to join them. I use the position to get closer to the Jet Squelcher, but perhaps I give away my position too early.

Now our approach looks far too blue to be safe, and two squidmates are wondering what to do. Guys, we have another route! I waste no time in trying to exploit it, and help neutralise our Splat Zone, splat away the Roller, and provide a super-jumping spot for my squidmates, incidentally making their landings safe with my Bubbler. That little manoeuvre has opened up possibilities again!

I think about hitting the blue team's flank, but our own Splat Zone still needs attention. I turn back, wait for the Kraken to transform back to an inkling, and splat the Slosher, and hold to splat the incoming Jet Squelcher, before recapturing our Splat Zone. And my squidmates return, ready to cause more disruption! Now we hit their flank, as our other squidmates have capture the blue Splat Zone, and although the Jet Squelcher can keep my Bubblered self away, I am happy to just slow her down with a Disruptor and back off.

I do some tidying up on our flank just beyond the blue Splat Zone, which gives me just enough distance in time and space to head back and get a nice clutch of splats. Now we look to be nicely in control! I hold at the top of the ramp, watching the blue team's lack of progress, my squidmates really being nice and disruptive, jumping in when the Slosher comes our way. I need to pull back and hide as the Slosher becomes a Kraken, which works in my favour when her Kraken runs out.

I turn back to cover the Kraken's tracks, and slosh what turns out to be a squidmate with a little covering of blue ink. But my sloshing is not in vain, as I catch the blue inkling giving chase. And, with that, and the Splat Zones staying a solid yellow, we take the lead a couple of seconds in to extra time, winning a victory that looked improbable earlier. Woomy!

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