Circling the Splat Zones (9-0, Tri-slosher)

15th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Taking the longest route away from the Splat Zones seems unhelpful, but there can be so much ink flying in to the Splat Zones directly at the start of the battle that my short-ranged bucket and me don't stand much of a chance. And heading to flank the Splat Zones along a short route often gets me spotted and splatted.

Going the long way gives me more chance of not being spotted, like in this case. Having the wall in my way helps, but it's also fun that a Disruptor hits one inkling and the other remains oblivious. I catch the oblivious one off-guard, hop over the ramp to catch the Disrupted inkling, and splat a third from the side just because I probably shouldn't be there yet.

Heading back, up, and around is perhaps a little unorthodox too. But the Splat Zones are held, at least three inklings are not around, and sitting in the lowest point of the Depot seems like a bad idea. I pause to see where the action may be, and hop across the ramp again. There are multiple targets, but I stick with one and splat him, before heading back, where I steal a splat from a squidmate.

Indeed, it seems most of our team is pushing high in to our opponents' side of the map, but the purple team are returning as I do so, and I don't want to get splatted for silly reasons. I make another circuit instead, which lets me pop up behind an inkling for a surprise splat, and drop down on to another. Luckily, the purple team don't gain control of the Splat Zones, so when we cover up their mess we don't have a buffer to work through.

I hang around to cover up an Inkstrike, but as victory looks inevitable I push forwards to see if I can get another splat or two. As I squid up the wall, one squid jumps over me, and pausing to make up my mind what to do, another one does the same. I do a flip and drop down, getting one splat, but not quite moving quickly enough to get the other before the battle is won.

Short and sweet. Woomy!

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