Making up for a mistake in Rainmaker (16-5, Tri-slosher)

15th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I've got my eyes on that E-litre 3K, but, given her range, getting to her may be tricky. Hitting the flank seems like the best option, hopefully avoiding her gaze as I cross the Heights, and bags me an early splat from my quick movement. I consider continuing the long way, right around the back, but the splatted inkling will be coming back, so I go more direct. That works too. As assumed, the Splattershot Jr returns and fires ink my way, but I am already squidding over the ledge to get clear. That gets me a third splat, which is nice.

I turn back not to be annoying, but to ink towards the podium, as the Rainmaker was coming this way. I cheese it soon enough, with the E-litre 3K's laser sight tickling my back, as it's not our team that grab the Rainmaker again. A bit of height gives me some perspective, and my Bubbler keeps me safe, so that I can stop and grab the Rainmaker for myself. But all I do is run in to the E-litre 3K.

I super-jump back and aim for the E-litre 3K, to neutralise her threat, but I'm spotted this time. Not only that, but ignoring the Rainmaker has the green team burst across the map and almost get to the podium. Perhaps my Disruptor slows the Rainmaker down enough to prevent the dunking, but it still leaves us with a massive task to win the battle. I can't help but feel somewhat responsible.

My squidmates grab the Rainmaker, so I hit the flank to try to provide some support, but diving in to a sea of green ink doesn't go so well. I can do better than this. My squidmates certainly can, carrying the Rainmaker at least in to green territory. I super-jump back to their position, but the Rainmaker is lost and I find myself alone in a corner.

Despite my position, I dodge a Splat Bomb and burst the Rainmaker's Shield, and just in time for my squidmates to return. One grabs the Rainmaker, and I try to take point, but the Rainmaker gets splatted as I dodge some ink. I make the most of where I am, though, and splat the E-litre 3K, and an inkling that accidentally gets in the way, before inking the podium and turning around to help retake the Rainmaker.

With the Rainmaker free, I try to add inky pressure to the podium, and nearly manage it. But seeing the inkable block makes me want to squid up and be disruptive, which would work better if I didn't hit my head. But it doesn't really matter, as the green team have the Rainmaker again. They don't get far, though. I find myself in the perfect place to stop the push, even with the support Bubblered, and to splat the support as the Bubblers dissipate.

Now we get another go. We head down the side, and I take point again, my own Bubbler ready to take the ink that flies at me. One inkling is splatted, then the E-litre 3K, then a third. The path seems clear, and I slosh down on the fourth inkling, just as I run out of ink. But the green team returns, and splats the Rainmaker, necessitating a circling back.

The green team tries to clear the Rainmaker, but doesn't get far, which happens to leave the Rainmaker in a really good spot for us. Available, somewhat shielded, and with a direct path to the podium. A quick burst of ink, some forward support, and a dashing squidmate, and we get the dunking! I feel much better about that earlier mistake. Woomy!

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