Sloshing over the Splat Zones (11-2, Tri-slosher)

16th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I take the long route to the Bluefin Depot Splat Zones again, hoping to gain an indirect advantage. My careful sloshing, trying not to spill outside of my chosen path, lets me spy a purple inkling trying the same tactic as me, and surprise him. From there, I can work around and behind the Splat Zones, to catch two more inklings by surprise. Splatting the Dynamo Roller takes a lot of pressure off our team, and I eventually catch the slipppery brush.

We lose the Splat Zones for a little while as I work my way around, but I neutralise and capture them to turn the purple team's early lead around. I push up to get a sneaky splat on a returning inkling, and turn around to check our walls. They are often overlooked, but the slower you make the other team's movement the better. I head back to see how the purple team are doing, but this time my caution works against me, as I miss an easy splat on an Inkstriker, and get caught by the imposing Dynamo Roller.

There's no point going directly to the Splat Zones with the Dynamo Roller holding centre stage, so I hit the flank again, opting to jump over the ramp for efficiency, knowing that the Splat Zones are purple. I catch the Dynamo Roller nicely as I leap over the water, and turn to ink the Splat Zones, accidentally splatting another inkling as I do. My squidmates are active too, splatting the brush and recapturing the Splat Zones to get our score moving again.

I push forwards a little more aggressively than earlier, having my Bubbler charged to keep me safe. The purple inklings don't seem eager to drop down, but maybe they don't have to with the Dynamo Roller up there. I manage to slosh high enough to catch the brush, perhaps standing a little carelessly close to the edge, and even though I don't splat the Dynamo Roller I push her back a bit. I give chase to the Splash-o-matic, and I think I catch him, but I don't remember an Inkzooka coming with that weapon. Either way, the Dynamo Roller, feeling less threat now, has reappeared and easily flicks ink to splat me away.

Despite the Dynamo Roller, the Splat Zones stay teal for a little while longer. I think the situation is under control, so tidy up some purple mess on our side of the Depot, but our control of the Splat Zones is shakier than I suspect, and they turn purple again. Circling around the back finds the Dynamo Roller, and even though I don't splat her I push her in to my squidmates' ink, and the Splat Zones turn back to teal. We have a bit of a buffer to work through, but little more than that now.

I move up, again Bubbler at the ready, and see the Splash-o-matic pull out the Inkzooka again. It must be a variant I have forgotten about. My Bubbler keeps me safe, though, as does moving up to hide. Avoiding ink is a good tactic too, and I squid away from the Dynamo Roller, back in to the Splat Zones, and right around to the other side of the Depot.

All looks calm, and there's little point in looking for trouble. My only regret is not popping up earlier for a victory dance. Woomy!

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