Sliding off in Tower Control (8-3, Grim Range Blaster)

17th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I think about hitting the left flank, but jink to the centre so that I don't get in the way of our Splatterscope. That works for me anyway, and I help hold our turf in the early stages of the battle. With the Tower neutralised, I hop on and start pushing it for our team. I try to splat my opposite inkling, but forget about chucking a Burst Bomb out for an efficient splat. I'll get used to that one day.

I miss the super-jumper as he lands, but now being surrounded by yellow ink slows him down enough that I get a second chance. I also get lucky being shielded by the Tower from the Suction Bomb. I make good use of that luck by pushing the Tower under cover of one Killer Wail, then my own, and then by an Inkstrike. If only I had known it was a friendly Inkstrike!

I think I hop back on to the Tower quite professionally, given its base is above my head. I push it forwards a bit more, until a surge of blue ink splats me away. We look to remain in a good enough position to super-jump back, and this time I think I deal with a serial Suction Bomber quite effectively, until I loiter a split-second too long and get caught in a blast. At least that split-second let me splat him too.

Again I super-jump back, but consider my options on landing. I think maybe hitting the flank would help more than just heading straight forwards in to potential trouble. In the end, it does little more than just waiting where I was could have achieved, as the blue team pushes the Tower past me, Still, the block is inked for our next push, which happily occurs just as I squid past the Tower near the middle of the Warehouse.

Not inking my way probably helps surprise the Dynamo Roller more than usual, and gives me a really satisfying splat, followed by another seconds later. The inkling near the Tower is more slippery, but a Burst Bomb finishes her off, and I hop back on to the Tower to continue our advance. A Killer Wail maybe helps, but not quickly enough for me to jump off the Tower, away from the Dynamo Roller.

Somewhat sadly, the Tower rejects my attempt to squid back on to help push it the last few steps to the goal, but I'm happy to give our team a 'Nice!' as the brave inklings who stayed on-board ride their way to the knockout victory. That was a dyamic battle! Woomy!

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