Turning the Tower around in Tower Control (8-3, Grim Range Blaster)

17th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Two N-ZAPs and a slosher on the other team makes me worried, more so because I'm giving the Grim Range Blaster another go for Tower Control, which requires me to aim. I decide to hit the flank first, because why not, and although no one is on the container when I get in range, one inkling can't stop their jump for me to get a very lucky direct hit. I hop down and on to the Tower, then start shooting scenery. So it goes.

I hide around the side and miss more shots, but use my Burst Bombs to decent effect. I try to squid on to the Tower to keep it moving, but a Disruptor hits me and I'm lucky just to stay unnoticed and unsplatted. I retreat, using Burst Bombs for instant escape puddles, to use my Killer Wail at a safe distance, which at least clears a path to the Tower for me. But I'm not going anywhere with so much purple ink around.

Trying to clear the inklings away from the Tower gets another decent direct hit, after a bit of trying, but I then get too close to the action, and without ink for Burst Bombs. My splatting is inevitable. Losing the lead isn't so bad. Missing the Tower completely with my first shot from the flank is pretty bad. But we clear the Tower and start moving it in the other direction. Briefly, at least.

I get in to a more favourable position for the range of my weapon, and use it to my advantage. We clear the Tower and turn it around, but there's so much purple ink between ourselves and the goal. I do my best to turn the turf ink as we trundle along, keeping a channel clear of inklings with a Killer Wail, before hopping off to provide some skirmishing support. This would work so much better if my aim was more consistent, but at least inklings of my rank don't notice me and turn to quickly splat me away, making the battle a bit more forgiving of my lack of skill.

More Burst Bombs help stop the Tower going backwards too far, and I help push it forwards a little more. I don't manage to splat away the incoming purple inklings, and get splatted for that, but my squidmates are still there and push the Tower in to the lead. They keep going too!

I have enough time to super-jump back to the little Tower party just before it reaches the goal. Three of us on the Tower for the knockout victory is a really good result, considering where the Tower was a minute earlier. Woomy!

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