Teamwork wins in Splat Zones (15-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

18th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

There's some good conflict in and around the Splat Zones to start the battle. They turn purple first, but we get some splats and make the Splat Zones green pretty quickly. Rolling back around and seeing an inkling squid in to the ink lets me get a rare squish with my Carbon Roller, which is very enjoyable. My squidmates split in different directions, and rather than double-up somewhere, I simply hold back and wait to see where I'm needed.

The purple inklings return, and I move up to flick some ink. I splat one inkling, but miss the Carbon Roller, who misses me. We miss each other again, before I am finally caught. The swing lets the purple team recapture the Splat Zones, and although I could get back more quickly along an inked route, I choose to ink a new route for us. I'm sure that will help soon enough. I hope so, anyway, as we lose our lead seconds after I reach the Splat Zones.

I move in to a good position to launch my Seeker Rush, which inks some opposition turf, and drop down to throw one across the Splat Zones, which turn green again with a little more attention. A bit of squidding, a bit of hiding, and we retain the Splat Zones whilst keeping the purple team at bay, but only temporarily. They come back along the short route, bypassing my attempt to stalk them. Some fairly poor flicking finally finds its mark to splat one inkling away, whereas it is a nice bit of squidding to avoid and splat the Carbon Roller above me.

My squidmates recapture the Splat Zones whilst I'm distracting the opposition. I now have a Seeker Rush to use, but no real reason to use it. That won't stop me, as I can build up my charge again, and I somehow even get a splat out of it. Moving up sees no inklings coming towards us, but they're going a different route again, evidenced by the Splat Zones becoming purple. A narrow miss from an Inkzooka gives me a new lease of life, and I splat two inklings I mistake for one in the Splat Zones, but only to become a purple puddle in purple Splat Zones from a Burst Bomb. So it goes.

That inked route to the right was meant to help, so why do I ignore it? Who knows. Hopefully my squidmates have been using it. That first Seeker is a bit rubbish, hitting a wall moments after launch. The second is superb, if obviously accidental, catching an inkling squidding over a ledge at just the right moment. But there's lots of purple ink still flying around, and three other inklings causing it. Another Seeker serves less as a tell and more as a distraction, letting me squid backwards to catch a purple inkling looking for me. That relieves a bit more pressure, and my squidmates recapture the Splat Zones as I tidy up some purple ink.

Another Seeker Rush claims two splats, probably from being launched up a ramp, so that the targets couldn't see the Seekers coming. I should remember that. And still the Splat Zones turn purple! I drop down to splat one inkling, and three of us fight over who will splat the super-jumper. I get the honour, but also the pooped-out Splat Bomb. At least my squidmates cover the mess I make.

We push up to cover the routes back to the Splat Zones, and hold the purple inklings off for just a bit longer, which is all that is needed for our counter to reach zero. The knockout victory is ours! Woomy!

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