It's all about the Splat Zones (12-3 Tri-slosher)

19th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Squidding across the Underpass to splat the Jet Squelcher is a fun start to the battle, and although we lose initial control of the Splat Zones I turn around to give them some ink immediately after the splat. Purple ink comes from both directions, so it's good that my Bubbler is ready, letting me splat one inkling. The other is just out of reach, but I use the walls to my advantage. I don't get the splat, but the inkling is forced to super-jump away, and the super-jumper is jumped by a squidmate.

Going back for the returning Jet Squelcher has a good Disruptor throw looking to give me the advantage, but a Kraken comes my way instead. I manage to squid away, turning back and pushing forwards with happy timing to catch a Splattershot jumping over my head. We've taken the lead too, showing that initial control of the Splat Zones isn't everything.

I think about squidding up the wall to get around the back, but purple ink flies my way. Rather than continue and get splatted in the back, I do a flip and pop my Bubbler, and engage the Jet Squelcher head-on. Not the smartest move, but I just about make it work. I could push forwards, but the Splat Zones are purple. I circle back and neutralise them, before neutralising the purple ink being shot in to them.

But the Splat Zones turn purple again! I look for the source of contamination, and happily find it mid-jump for easy sloshing. That splat puddle turns the whole Splat Zones teal again. Not for long, though. I splat two more culprits to stop the flow of purple ink and slosh teal ink where it belongs. With a slight glitch, it looks like our control is good, and we push up as a team to vie for more turf. That gets me splatted, but it also holds the purple team back for a bit longer.

Not much has changed by the time I get back to the Splat Zones, my squidmates holding off the purple team nicely, but I spot some ink coming from the ledge. I squid up there, but only in time to see my squidmates battling a Kraken below me, so I push up to get rid of more purple ink. The Splat Zones turn purple again, so rather than continue I turn and head back to give them some attention. They are quickly teal once more, although we have a buffer to work through, rather than the knockout victory.

Squidding around finds no inklings, but I must have chosen the wrong route, as the Splat Zones change colour again! No problem, and my Bubbler has charged at just the right time to keep myself safe. Another squid around finds some inklings returning, but I chase one as another appears behind me, and I am caught in a crossfire. The Splat Zones turn purple and are neutralised in the time it takes me to get back, and my sloshing helps turn them the right colour again. All is looking good for the victory.

A Kraken is chased and splatted when transformed back to an inkling, and a Suction Bomb Rush is halted early. But moving back down to ink the Splat Zones reveals an unexpected Roller. She's run down pretty quickly. With just a few seconds left, I should probably do a victory dance, but as the Splat Zones have changed colour so frequently, I instead squid my towards them just in case.

But all is well, and the battle ends with us in control. Woomy!

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