Being useless until the end in Rainmaker (1-5, Tri-slosher)

20th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't think that squidbagging is deserved at the start of the battle, but whatever. At least my squidmates do a bit better, pushing the Rainmaker a bit, and I try to keep it going, but I don't get too far when a Splat Bomb lands next to me as I'm charging a blast. So it goes.

I super-jump back, getting a little anxious that I'm not helping, and feel mildly good about bursting the Rainmaker's Shield with green ink. That's about it, though, as my sloshing doesn't hit anyone, and even at close range I miss with every slosh.

My splatter manages what I didn't, and gets up the wall to give his team the lead. I return in time to do not very much, but drop next to a purple inkling who splats me out of the way. Maybe I can claim I acted as an ink shield for my squidmates. I don't seem to be doing much else.

My squidmates are having a better battle, running with the Rainmaker and stealing the lead back. Nice! As I look to get in a flanking position to help, I nearly get caught from behind, and try to turn the tables, but just flop around a bit. Thankfully, I see my potential assailant super-jump away, and move on myself.

I get myself in to a flanking position, coming up the wall ahead of our Rainmaker carrier, and finally get a splat! Popping up expectedly still works well. I ink the path up to the podium, and use my Bubbler to protect the team, but even then, and with an Echolocator active, I fail to capitalise on our position. And then I squid in to a Splat Bomb.

I'm really having a poor battle, carried by my squidmates. And having good squidmates means one is left near the Rainmaker for me to super-jump to and return to the fray. As luck would have it, I'm not tracked and splatted on landing, although the kit of a purple inkling shows that a squidmate sacrificed himself so I could land safely. Thanks!

Even luckier, a purple Inkstrike bursts the Rainmaker free without a purple inkling nearby to pick it up. That's a rookie mistake normally, but a terrible error of judgment when the Rainmaker sits next to your podium. One slosh gets me to the Rainmaker, and a minor blast inks the way to the top.

Finally, I make a positive contribution to the battle. All credit to my squidmates for getting us there in the first place.

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