Having fun being bad with the Fresh Squiffer in Rainmaker (8-6, Fresh Squiffer)

20th October 2017 – 7.00 am

My Fresh Squiffer versus the E-litre 3K. Who could possibly win this match-up?! Well, the E-litre 3K would, if I tried to take her on conventionally. Luckily, I don't, and remember my Suction Bombs and other neat things like hiding behind walls. The other Squiffer is a complication, but I can work with that. My first splat is even against the E-litre 3K, thanks to some nice manoeuvring and a little patience. Nice! I'm splatted from the flank by an alert squidmate of hers, though.

I try to support our first push, but it all gets a bit messy in the closed spaces. I suppose my Squiffer should work well there, but I still need practice with my aiming. At least I hold off bursting the Rainmaker until my squidmates are coming back, which shows some level of strategic thought. Rushing forwards without them probably doesn't, but I make a good fist of it all the same!

The purple push is stopped, with me being mostly a decoy, but they come again. I get a splat this time, but the purple team are tightly bunched and flinging ink everywhere, so I don't do any more than that. My squidmates stop the push, which is good, and when I get back it seems they are happy for some patsy to grab the Rainmaker and get splatted. That can be me! My enthusiasm extends our lead a little more.

Landing a super-jump an inch from a Killer Wail is exhilarating, and I'm not sure where my next splat comes from, at 3'41", except some falling ink from my Suction Bomb that hits the Inkstrike. I'll take it, though, particularly as the Rainmaker gets a curious splat on me as I chase it. Heading down the side lets me catch the purple team from behind, but probably with the wrong weapon. Even so, a Suction Bomb on the base of a steep ramp works well.

I snatch a shot or two at the Classic Squiffer, which I am working on stopping, and although a Suction Bomb catches an inkling, it's still not the Squiffer. Another Suction Bomb catches the E-litre 3K, which I'm absolutely fine with, and we move the Rainmaker up a little. Only a little, and it's dropped again, but the Rainmaker splats its splatter, and we are left with a good view of what we have to do.

I ink a line ahead, and as a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker my Kraken charges. My first chance to ink a straight line with the Kraken! I surge ahead, and get over the ramp, where I cause an inkling pause. A bit of close-range Squiffing gets a lucky splat, and as I turn it seems my squidmate took advantage of my Kraken trail, as she dunks the Rainmaker. Woomy! That was a fun battle.

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