Around the back to the goal in Tower Control (4-1, Tri-slosher)

21st October 2017 – 7.00 pm

If I move quickly enough, I may be able to get around the back of that E-litre 3K before she gets settled on her perch. I squid nice and quickly to the centre of the Mall, and am not interrupted heading around the back. But where's the E-litre 3K? There are two options, so I pause to check the map, and to ensure the Tower isn't moving backwards.

I have to go across the centre of the Mall, which is a bit risky, but there's only one blue inkling coming back from being splatted, and has only just appeared at their base, so I should be okay. And I am okay. I get behind the E-litre 3K to get the satisfying splat, and drop down to slosh over two more inklings.

The fourth inkling is around here but avoiding me, but I am keen to finish what I started, and some sloshing over an obstacles helps complete the team splat. I get too keen to flank the blue team, though, and run head-on in to a Splattershot Jr only too happy to splat me back to base.

My squidmates suffer similar fates, unsurprising with us having pushed the Tower so close to the goal, so we have to return the slow way. I make it slower by inking a new path, but it gives me a good vantage point and some charge on my Bubbler.

I help a little with retaking the Tower, using some Disruptors and ink, but once my squimdates are on, I head around the side again. My Bubbler charges as I get in to a good position, and my squidmates have not been troubled on their journey either. Rather than needing to splat anyone, I can simply jump on to the Tower and pop my Bubbler.

All that's left to do is keep my footing, and we trundle on to the goal. Woomy!

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