Turning my fortune around in Splat Zones (5-2, Fresh Squiffer)

21st October 2017 – 7.00 am

That blue Splattershot pulls off a couple of good moves to splat me twice. The first time he inks a path to squid through the Suction Bombs I'm trying to use to keep him at bay, giving him a clear shot. The second time, he sees me sensibly avoid his Inkzooka, but rather than just keep shooting he squids around to get a new angle, and splats me again. That's good battling!

I try to hold some higher ground for a bit, but don't want to get in the way of our Hero Charger Replica, so hit the flank again, this time making sure the turf is nice and yellow. I stay mostly out of trouble, trying to keep range, focussing on the turf rather than the inklings, until my Kraken is good and ready. I bump my beak on a Killer Wail, but once that's gone I avenge a squidmate and splat the Dual Squelcher.

My position lets me hide much more effectively from the Inkzooka, and even pop out at just the right time to splat him whilst he's in yellow ink. Turf control is so important! Keeping the turf yellow slows down the Dual Squelcher coming for me, and as he focusses on the splat, and me on staying safe, he doesn't notice our Hero Charger lining him up. Nice!

Meanwhile, the Splat Zones have stayed a nice shade of yellow for all this time, taking the lead from the blue team, which is very cool, considering we did it in one block. To celebrate, I keep hiding and making it difficult for the blue inklings to move around, an repay our Hero Charger by splatting the inkling aiming a Killer Wail his way.

I hear another Inkzooka, and am less afraid with a Kraken at the ready. The Killer Wail stops me for now, but once that's gone I go after the Inkzooka, splatting him late maybe, but splatting him all the same. I don't worry about the super-jumper incoming, and just ink my way across the Splat Zones to keep them yellow enough for the few seconds left that we need for the knockout victory.

A 0-2 battle turned around to end 5-2. Woomy!

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