Turning the tide in Rainmaker (12-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

23rd October 2017 – 7.00 pm

My opening gambit doesn't work very well, perhaps leaving my squidmates one inkling down letting the green team get the upper hand. Then again, they dominate us for a while, so maybe I'd just have been splatted going along the main corridor. My second attempt doesn't go any better, with the Blaster using her tools against me very well.

At least my Seeker accidentally splats a flanking Roller on my return, stopping us getting splatted and letting us have a run with the Rainmaker. Well, me. I get a run with it. I think I get past half-way, but I don't give us a score, so I suppose I didn't do much. I don't do much again either, my flick not quite hitting the other Roller well enough, and then not being able to get away from the repercussions.

I spend some time cleaning up after that, not entirely convinced that all my ink is hitting is the Beakon. There's no inkling beneath me as it turns out, but my flicking clears up a lot of green mess. Moving up from that looks like a case of good timing to intercept the Rainmaker, but I mis-time my pounce on the Splat Roller and merely trade splats. This is not going so well.

I think I'm being cute by squidding on that block, but I realise I'm also a bit vulnerable. This isn't helped by jumping out far too early. I decide instead to hit the flank and come around behind the Rainmaker instead, which I'm more comfortable with. I have a couple of inklings to contend with, which I manage, and although I don't need to get the Rainmaker back, my squidmates having done that, the splats help give us some breathing space.

I do better against the Splat Roller this time, although I'm helped by our E-litre 3K Scope being unexpected bait, but we both stay safe. A Seeker Rush charges just when I am in the best position for it, and I launch them down the main corridor. I follow them after a pause, letting me sneak up to the Blaster, who really is not expecting me. I jink and head to support our Rainmaker push, but notice some ink coming behind me. I deal with that first, then look to ink the way to the podium.

The side of the podium needs attention too, as that is the shortest path for the other team to come to us. I run in to the Blaster, but even a Disruptor hit can't slow my Carbon Roller's flick. An Inkstrike from a squidmate comes in at just the right time, helping deplete a Splash Wall, and my Seeker Rush charges again. There's no point wasting it, and although our E-litre 3K gets splatted on landing, he blocks some ink that would hit me.

One Seeker hits two inklings as the Rainmaker has almost caught me up. We not only take the lead from what looked like a hopeless situation, but the path to the podium is inked and clear. All that's left to do is dunk the Rainmaker and celebrate! Woomy!

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