Inkling down, a bit rusty, and a touch of lag in Tower Control (16-6, Grim Range Blaster)

25th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Erk, inkling down! That doesn't bode well. Neither does missing a straight shot at the turf. I swear I shot a second time but got the timing wrong, and didn't just squid on uninked turf. But I did throw that Burst Bomb right on to a grate. But it can't get any worse, right? Right! In fact, the battle just gets more and more entertaining!

Our first push goes well, until stopped by the Hero Charger, and the Carbon Roller does what Carbon Rollers do, and pops up unexpectedly to splat me away. But we get the Tower back and push again, which lets me sneak down the flank to horribly miss the Hero Charger twice. I somehow still get the splat, though. I didn't think she'd stand still so much.

When I know inklings will stand still, like on the Tower, my aim gets more reliable. Two splats in quick succession, and a squidmate splatting the Carbon Roller behind me, and I'm back on the Tower. I just about manage to feel smug about my Killer Wail when the Hero Charger brings me back to the battle.

I keep using the same route to get back to the battle, because it seems to work. Seeing the Tower stutter a little makes me think we're battling a little more than inklings, but there's not much you can do about that. You can get Bubblered, I suppose, which helps boost your confidence. So much so that you jump off the Tower looking for splats, but after a while you have to admit you're not getting any, and go back to get the Tower again.

I snap a shot off that gets a neat splat, and try to hide from the Hero Charger when an Inkstrike flies in. It's still the Hero Charger that splats me. And my return has a sea of purple ink down the main concourse. This aggression will not stand! I eventually splat the perpetrator, and get a second splat when accidentally but expertly fall off the ledge, and get in to a position to wait for the Tower. Close-range splatting works again! The third inkling starts moving, though, which seems a tad unfair.

Another Killer Wail hits its target, and this time I round the corner without the Hero Charger splatting me. Instead, I get a really nice double-splat. That makes up for missing the inkling coming towards the Tower. A squidmate takes care of him anyway. I keep pushing the Tower, with support, and although get an even better lead, can't quite get through the the gap of falling ink. But more than ink falls on my head, to be fair.

Seconds remain in the battle, and I take a suitably defensive posture. Inklings moving slowly towards me feel the power of my Grim Range Blaster again, and although I'm splatted away too, a squidmate splats my splatted, and hops on to the Tower to ensure us the victory. A very good result given the conditions. Woomy!

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