Splat-tastic Tower Control (16-8, Tri-slosher)

26th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Speeding just beyond the Tower works well with an indiscriminate sloshing weapon, and it's fun to get an incidental splat from going the way I had planned anyway. My Bubbler keeps me safe when sloshing where I shouldn't be, but it only lasts so long, much like me. I try to be cautious on my return, but don't take in to account having a Splash Wall thrown on top of me from over the ledge. I need better risk assessments for the Mall.

With us out of the way, the Tower comes towards us. I ignore the obvious route and ink an alternative, which gets me behind the yellow team at just the right time when it doesn't matter any more. I stick with the flanking motif, though, and sneak my way around the side and surprising one inkling, before Bubblering up to ride the Tower in a few seconds of safety.

A squidmate joins me on the Tower, which I take to be an invitation to skirmish more. So I do, splatting an inkling in the back, and trying to keep the Tower moving forwards. That quick-respawning .52 Gal has other ideas about that, though. I super-jump back, hoping that the blue Tower means a safe Tower, but jump off immediately to be safer, and try to ink around the Tower. That doesn't quite go as planned, as I find out when, pushing for a splat ahead of me, inklings zoom in from three sides to splat me.

Super-jumping back lets me get another splat at the top of the gap, but that doesn't stop the Tower retreating. We chase it, but only catch up back at the centre of the Mall, where a squidmate hops on, and I try but sensibly give up on riding the Tower. Back around the side! Some manoeuvring here and there, plus a Bubbler in the mix, keeps me going for a good while., and as my squidmates get the Tower moving again I head upwards to see if I can keep the gap ink-free. This time, I'm expecting my move to be anticipated, so anticipate that and slosh forwards. I out-thought myself a little.

The Tower inches closer to the goal, and it super-jumping to keep it going seems reasonable. The first attempt must be a glitch in the recording or something, as I clearly know how to super-jump to the right squidmate. The Disruptor was a bit of a mistake, though. If I had hit the inklings on the Tower it may have been okay, but lobbing it in to space merely threw half of my ink tank away. Silly me.

Twenty seconds to go, and the yellow team need to reach the goal to secure victory. That should be simple enough to defend! Putting my back to the yellow inklings whilst we're all on the Tower isn't good defending, as I find out, but at least I still have time to apply some better pressure, whilst my squidmates wrest control of the Tower. Victory is ours, woomy!

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