Sneaky Carbon Rollering in Rainmaker (5-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

A bump off a squidmate is a standard hazard when rushing off the base. It doesn't seem to slow me down too much, and I bypass the Rainmaker to greet the purple team with my Carbon Roller. They're not all willing to come over the ridge, though, so I have to elegantly squidflip and flick to welcome two other inklings to the battle.

I must be just outside the range of the frustrated Bamboozler as I take a lot of purple ink to the back, as I survive the hit, and head around the side because that's what I like to do. My squidmate with the Rainmaker has surged forwards and is close to the podium, so I activate my Seeker Rush to supply some delayed support.

The Rainmaker is stopped before my Seekers reach my squidmate, but the rest of the Rush, plus a friendly Killer Wail, bursts the Rainmaker free immediately, as well as incidentally clearing the area of purple inklings.

My momentum carries me in to the Rainmaker and up on to the podium, where I dunk the Rainmaker with a smoothness I make look easy. Woomy!

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