Urging on the Rainmaker (5-0, Carbon Roller Deco)

27th October 2017 – 7.00 am

Good speed to the centre of the Mall lets us burst the Rainmaker free, but it's perhaps not wise to grab it immediately. Still, that brings one inkling forwards to be splatted, and hiding whilst the Rainmaker recharges lets me spot the right opportunity to move forwards for a couple more splats.

With the purple team mostly out of the way, the Rainmaker in a squidmate's tentacles, and my Seeker Rush charged, it looks like a great time to push aggressively. I launch Seekers straight down the middle, and follow with a little jink to avoid the obvious splatting I'd get.

One more Seeker over the ridge and the path to the podium is completely inked. The Rainmaker can't be far behind. Yes, there he goes! I follow behind, in case further support is needed, but he squids cleanly up to dunk the Rainmaker for the knockout victory in super-quick time!

A touch of latency gets me a final splat too. Woomy!

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