Getting support in Rainmaker (7-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th October 2017 – 7.00 am

My first couple of Seekers are a bit wonky, but the third is a peach. I may overshoot my first target in my eagerness, but the peach of a Seeker has my back. I have my front, and then I have the Rainmaker, even if a guiding Seeker doesn't get as far as I'd hoped. My run is stopped by a Seeker too, which seems fitting.

I tidy up our corridor cautiously, and get a Seeker Rush flying off the ledge to help burst the Rainmaker. I can give carrying it another go, I suppose, but I misjudge the blast to ink the bottom of the wall, before I'm shown how inaccurate the Aerospray can be.

I meet the Rainmaker coming the other way with impeccable timing, before flicking a bit randomly at any inkling over the ledge. It seems to do the trick. I almost ink the wall for the Rainmaker to squid up, and sacrifice my climbing for the last bit of ink to keep the Rainmaker moving. That Splatterscope is waving her sight all over us!

I don't quite help the Rainmaker get too far directly, but I cause the other Carbon Roller pause, which lets the Rainmaker splat him. Super-jumping back seems a bit hazardous, with the Splatterscope aiming for me again, and moreso when an Echolocator hits. Retreating isn't a bad idea, particularly as the Rainmaker is going that way too.

The Rainmaker and her support is stopped, and when we burst the shield I grab it again. The corridor seems like the poor choice of direction, so I kick flip off the wall and head down the ramp. I hope to splat the Splatterscope with a Rainmaker blast, but it just isn't strong enough. Great Zapfish bless our charger, who splats her for me!

My Rainmaker blasts don't go to waste, splatting an inkling in front of me, and inking a path that looks clear. And it is clear! I squid right on to the podium, to dunk the Rainmaker for the knockout victory. Woomy!

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