To us and to them in Rainmaker (11-6, Carbon Roller Deco)

28th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm aiming for the Splat Charger, but I see that ripple in the ink ahead of me, so I turn the surprise around. What I also should have done was not then pursued the Splat Charger once she realised I was there. I became quite an obvious target. I come back to perform some sensible turf control, before sneaking up on the Rainmaker.

I perhaps should wait in the ink for the super-jumper, or they will poop a Splat Bomb on landing. I get a bit lucky this time. And talking about luck, I did not spot that inkling squidding up the column. I was flicking at the one I could see, but I gladly take that defensive splat that keeps me going. I try to use my Seeker Rush to ink a path that I can use with the Rainmaker, but I get distracted by a yellow inkling, and we splat each other.

Waiting for the ink to die down a bit lets me finally grab the Rainmaker, once I realise the shield needs bursting, and even though I do an emergency dive that still gets me splatted it gets us in to a fairly decent lead. I come back to pursue the Rainmaker whilst I'm Echolocated. It's more of an art than a skill, because it shouldn't really work, but I get the splat.

And I'm off with the Rainmaker again, squidmates all around for support! We do well to get where we do, and not get caught by the choke point, but there's not much you can do about an Inkzooka in the middle of the Dome. I return to try to cut-off the Rainmaker's advance, which turns in to a flanking manoeuvre, which itself shows me the patience of the N-ZAP inkling. Well played!

I have a little trouble defending next, which is more disappointing because the Rainmaker doesn't come that way. We lose the lead, but there is still over a minute to go. To help ensure things don't get worse, me and a squidmate tidy up the inklings and ink around our podium, before moving up to support our squidmates with the Rainmaker.

Our squidmates get a good distance, but are stopped by the choke point again. What an excellent time for my Seeker Rush to charge! I let loose wave after wave of Seekers, as a squidmate ahead of me tries to clear the path ahead. She gets a splat, I burst the Rainmaker's Shield for another splat, and that wipes out the yellow team for the moment. Nice!

The Rainmaker is free, the yellow team are out of the battle, and there's ink almost all the way to the podium. A short squid later and I dunk the Rainmaker for the victory. Woomy!

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